What Equipment to Use for Cycling

Leave the bike is a very recommendable as it is fun and healthy for our bodies. Small and adults can share beautiful bike tours, whether across town or on the mountain. But it will always be necessary go well equipped for a maximum comfort and to be protected from possible falls that may have while riding on the bike. Although not professional cyclist or go do a long path, it is always essential to prepare well before you mount on the bike and get out of the House. To be sure of anything, in Our site explain what equipment should take to cycling.

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Please check the instructions offered by andyoutdoor:


It is compulsory to wear a helmet to the bike, both circular in children as in adults, whether it be the city, road or mountain.

Culotte and maillot

Are pieces of clothing specially designed for cyclists, with the aim to protect the most sensitive parts and avoid the wear and tear, and even facilitate perspiration from the skin.

Backpack equipped

It is imperative to take a canteen with fresh water, food rich in calories, carbohydrates and salts, and a waterproof coat, for possible changes in time.

Gloves and glasses

To protect your hands and eyes, it is also recommended the use of gloves and glasses, especially for long bike paths.

Tools and parts

It’s not too much take a kit with tools and basic bike parts for any unexpected, like an air pump, patches, or even an air Chamber.


If you do these on a regular basis or over several days, we recommend that you use a bag to store all that you will need.

First aid kit

Can also be useful to take some things essential for a first aid in case of falls. For example, we can take, bandages, alcohol, gauze, etc.

Cell phone

Is an indispensable tool in case something and need help, especially if you’re alone, but also when you go accompanied.

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