What Jewelry Suits Me

Necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. are never enough available. But how to combine perfectly the outfit, so that it can be optimally staged?



  • What jewelry trends there in 2016?
  • Video: How to style: Statement Necklaces / w leoliebt
  • Which jewelery fits now just to look?
  • Silver jewelry – the perfect companion for many occasions

Who Statement chains loves, can use these confidently in this year, but also delicate chains are currently in vogue. New gotten are tight chains that look like collars . Has also at the earrings not changed much since hip are still big statement variants that are an eyecatcher definitely. Whoever omits an earrings, following the latest trend.

More Jewelry Trends 2016 large gemstones and semi-precious stones, and unpolished. This look is spiced up with long chains, which act frayed. Moreover, in addition to bracelets, chains and earrings includes glittering jewelry for hair for trend.


Pretty gold jewelery, which is particularly striking, can be perfectly used for the party night, for example, at a restaurant or a visit to the bar. The chosen piece of jewelery should go well with the outfit and allowed by the jewelry are not outshone, but only emphasizes. Nevertheless, the jewelry may not turn out simple when it comes to celebrate. It would be a shame if he is as good as not noticed.

The combination of jewelry and clothing should be appropriate in any case well and being in harmony, so that the wearer has a good appearance. However, it is important to ensure that jewelry made ​​of silver and gold in the rarest cases supported simultaneously can be, since gold silver would very cover. Anyone who works in the office, you should always choose simple jewelry when they accentuate subtle , the wearer always brings a positive impression and does not affect overdressed .


Silver is more discreet than gold, so that jewelry not too much distraction in this color from a beautiful outfit. Therefore, silver jewelry often worn for many occasions are, for example, jeans and T-shirt, but also a little black dress or restrained blouse in white. Simple silver chain in conjunction with earrings in the same color always suggest a good choice.

If the jewelry set with stones, however, so it should be a little cautious selected. Who wears a bright blue dress, should refrain from a silver chain with red stone, because this color combination is not particularly skilled . Here it is more suitable a necklace with a stone in dark blue.

Who loves fancy or colorful outfits, should choose small chains , but can sit with the earrings again accents, as they may be quietly striking. If the stones still absorb the nuances of the dress, the wearer has done everything right. Who goes out at night, of course, may be happy to auffälligerem, exceptional jewelry access, for example to beautiful bracelets with gold and silver accents. Also the other jewelry can love turn playful about these outfits, especially when the wearer wants to stand out among the other guests.
Depending on which outfit is worn, the jewelery should be rather discreet or may be quietly striking. Who goes out to celebrate, may like fancier jewelry t project, who is going to work, however, is with a simple and low-key jewelry properly.