What Supplies Do I Need for Camping

The campsite, it is very much in vogue and it’s very nice. Between drinks, barbecues and parts of volleyball with his neighbors, usability is. Once there you have nothing to think, just to relax. It’s especially before plan. Our guide is for: give you useful tips to well prepare your next camping holiday!

Camp equipment

For camping, there are of course essential equipment that should not be forgotten!

First, need you a tent. There are of very different sizes: small for two people (or even one) to family tents in which they can stand.

The smaller tents consist of one “piece” inside of which you sleep. The modern tents often contain a small area where you can drop off your shoes before entering the ‘room ‘.

The tent 4 places and more are generally made of several “pieces”: a space in the Center and rooms arranged around.

The largest family tents are tents ‘domes’ for up to 6 people (sometimes more but as long as there are children in the Group).

Depending on the size of your tent, you will have more or less room to store your stuff. If you have your vehicle during the stay, the trunk can do office closet in case of limited space in the tent. It’s also handy for keeping business with more safety at night and while you are out.

Attention, more the tent is large, it will be large folded. Depending on your mode of travel to reach the campsite, think about this. Moreover, if the tent has not been used for a long time, well check tightness before departure.

Don’t forget the stakes, the frames and the mallet!

To sleep, you will need a sleeping bag and a minimum of a carpet floor. Although “sleeping rough” does not scare, the floor mat is essential, there is always some small imperfections and small pebbles on the ground. For convenience, you can take either a self, of a few centimetres thick mattresses, or an inflatable mattress.

Slide also a flashlight in your luggage, with its batteries, this will be useful once night falls.