What to Pair with Jeans

More than obvious that jeans have come a long way since have become the clothing of US miners in the late 19th century. Today, the variety of models, styles, colors and prints is so great that it can swoop and head of the most vocal shopping. Practical, comfortable and emitting both negligence and charms jeans (jeans or as popular at home) can be worn on all occasions, except for strictly official, and never go out of fashion. In the autumn-winter season date will be the following varieties:

What to Pair with Jeans

Recently skinny jeans, fitting snugly on the body, were declared the most beloved garment at all times after large-scale international study. It is no coincidence given that they are very comfortable, can be worn in every season and become part of any style – from elegant to sporty. Note, however, that this type of jeans are only suitable for women with slender figure as highlight any problem areas. Otherwise, this season most fashionable colors are blue, black, gray claret. All these can be metallic gleam, like exclusive hit unprecedented levels were golden and silvery tight jeans.

What to wear? With absolutely all clothing and shoes. It all depends on the occasion and the desired radiation. For example, office, jeans can be combined with shirt, jacket and boots cleaned. For going out at night even ideal solution is combining them with an interesting top, leather jacket and ankle boots with high heels. If your style tends toward casual chic, wear jeans, a sweater and slippers, if sports – T-shirt with long sleeves and sneakers.

Fell into disfavor in recent years, they again won favor cutoff jeans with Songaah designers. Their biggest advantage is that look good on women of any build.

What to wear? With feminine blouses – preferably with prints and high shoes.

Factory torn jeans are current in all models but the biggest hit are doing are worn with rolled legs. The radiation, which is achieved is both casual and chic.

What to wear? Balance unpretentious kind of jeans with elegant white shirt, shoes with high heels and tailored jacket – the effect will be amazing. Want carelessly broadcast from head to toe? Then combine with a cotton blouse, shoes and leather jacket or sport coat.

Straight, slightly wide and incredibly comfortable, this type of jeans refuse to leave fashion trends over the past few seasons. They are the most gracious the application so popular lately fashion approach “denim on denim.”

What to wear? With feminine blouses and elegant tailored jackets Beverly balancing their boyish cut. The shoes may have both high and equal.

Over ankle
If you’re proud of your ankles now you have the option to display them. Fashion jeans came back with a length of just over them. The legs are straight, but fitting tightly to the hips.

What to wear? Since this type of jeans are vintage radiation, it is appropriate to combine with plain shirts, tight sweaters and slippers. Moccasins are also an excellent choice.

Colors, prints, decorations
Blue is a classic in the genre in jeans – from very light, almost white to indigo. In the autumn-winter season date are also black. gray and dark bold colors like burgundy, purple and rust. In prints biggest hit are the colors green jackets. black and khaki, but floral and geometric motifs are also quite relevant. The same is true for decorations in jeans – zippers, eyelets, attractive stitching and trims.

Other favorites of denim

Do not think that it is a broad unkempt models from the recent past. Current overalls are extremely stylish – with clean cut and narrower legs and can even be worn with high-heeled shoes and boots.Combine perfectly with both the shirts and elegant tops and thin sweaters

The jacket
more retro looks it, the better. The combination of denim jacket with a skirt or dress to the ankles and shoes favorite fashion icons and bloggers around the world and for good reason. But it combines perfectly with the elegant straight skirt and high-heeled shoes, and straight trousers and tight jeans. However, the latter must be in a different color than the jacket. Otherwise you’ll look like you’re in uniform.

Comfortable and casual elegance broadcasting, it is up to date in a variety of models – from wide type male to tailored and markedly feminine. It can be combined with virtually any skirts and pants, including jeans. As well as in combination with denim jacket, however, they must be in a different color or print.