Where to Hide a Spy Camera

Or so-called hidden spy cameras CCTV gives a great opportunity to expose crime or malicious action. An advantage of modern models that are becoming more compact, and besides, more and more sophisticated as the technology. Today, with spy equipment you can not just take a picture of questionable quality and can record HD video with pretty decent sound quality. We will not discuss the reasons why you will use hidden cameras, and will pay attention to the places where they may be hidden.

Trust Manufacturer

Spy cameras and a new generation of more precise models have been incorporated into various objects. Using them, you will not have to search for places to dodge them. The ingenuity of manufacturers of spy equipment is unsurpassed, so feel free to trust them by purchasing a:

Camera Built Into Sunglasses

Everything you’ve seen in James Bond films today is only available in stores for security and spy equipment. You can find wonderful patterns hidden cameras integrated into sunglasses, as the entire kit includes a wireless mini DVR, camera and memory. This type of cameras combine wireless broadcast and direct recording Memory Card / up to 16 GB /.Omitted to say that the camera in some products with infrared illumination and suitable for night vision. The question remains how will justify sunglasses in total darkness, but this task leave your ingenuity.

Wireless Camera, Built-In Pen

One such spy device enables you to street or foe criminal without it suspects that is the subject of espionage. As long as the circumstances allow it, you can point the lens directly into the face of the perpetrator or criminal act. The interesting thing here is that it is fully functional chemicals, which are embedded camera and transmitter emitting signals within a radius of 30 meters under direct vision. And when these options have the opportunity for night filming and audio recording.

IP Camera Built Into The Bulb

The previous two models spy cameras required a your presence, but in this version, it is not even necessary. The cameras installed in the bulbs of this kind offer free Wi-Fi connection and its own memory via microSD card. The bulb is equipped with over 20 IR LEDs allowing perfect night vision, while the module emits a Wi-Fi signal at distances up to 50 meters, so you can monitor what is happening in real time even without an Internet connection. According to Securitypology.com, Wi-Fi spy camera allows you to monitor what is happening across the Internet using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Wi-Fi Camera Hidden In Clock

In this case for a desktop, not a wristwatch. This spy gadget allows you to monitor persons and objects remotely over the Internet. The most commonly used at home to spy on staff (cleaners, carers etc.) Or sightings spouse cheating. To serve you this type of spy camera it is important to place it where it will surely happen something wrong, otherwise the features are clear-wireless and write their own memory via microSD card, the clock can be set to connect to wireless WI-FI networks to monitor in real time over the Internet.

Your Decision

If many ready kits spy equipment do not meet your needs, you can always buy free mini device and hide it in a way suitable for your purposes. Espionage cameras can be installed virtually anywhere, except for operating at high temperature appliances or electronics, which can affect the signal of Wi-Fi is the connecting modules.