White Continues to Introduce The Point on All Your Clothes

Saturated. I thought that I would never say it but I’m coming to a point where I’ll start to hate the point. A very versatile fabric has always seemed to me that, within their limitations to the months of cold, combined with different prints or the thickness of the, we could get enough recurrent styles and some curious mixes. But now we have it everywhere, and the last thing I can see is to use it in footwear, although I do not take much to see my expectations.

The only consolation that we reside in prints that firms decide to enter in your clothes, either if they are made in point as if not (because of the jacquard are also up to the footballer CAP) finding combinations of the type of point + Crochet, point + Paisley or point + houndstooth showing at least that large firms do everything possible to innovate with this material as in use lately.

White has wanted to do, in their own way, something quite similar but not be very offending and betting by the geometric prints and the chromatic variety in your clothes. And he succeeds but not with the innovative effect that she intended to.

Under the name of point on stripes, garments in the collection are for the most part button-down cardigans and dark backgrounds on which overlap bright colors in the form of stripes…

…point fine or even prints varied in form of in electric colors and paint stains to get a different effect though, low my point of view, something failed.

The point is too broken to this day and will need another type of innovations with the material, as a return to the oversized and restrict the use of the point in that area or as some firms do, use it in doses appropriate at the same time mixing with other materials to achieve innovative textures.

Whatever it is, is to be welcomed that the companies continue betting by the trends of this season in your clothes, Despite being large commercial firms, and which also will strain a little (just a little) brains to achieve new effects.