Why the Ipad Mini Is a Dangerous Idea to Apple

If any company has inherited the ability of Alfred Hitchcock to create suspense–she is the Apple. With all their releases was so: Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad. The mark unleashed a shot here, a few pictures there, some information there. The suspense is installed until the official presentation of the product.

That, of course, before that analysts, newspapers and blogs speculating too much and cite as “reliable” sources evocative base.

The Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal swear (fingers crossed) that an iPad with 7 to 8 inch screen will hit the market before Christmas. They’re probably right. In September or October there will be an event from Apple for the launch of a new iPhone-and this party that would supposedly shown to the world the new gadget. Some details are already granted. Won’t have retina display and processor is less powerful than your big brother. Justification? For the price stay at $ $199, to fight directly with the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire, both of 7 inches.

A few years ago, Steve Jobs was asked what he thought about 7 inch tablets. He was categorical: “7-inch Tablets they’re useless: too big to compete with a smartphone, too small to compete with the iPad.”

OK, the Fire is doing well in the market and the Nexus came there to conquer your space. But other products of 7 inches, as Blackberry Playbook, have arrived stillborn market.

So the question arises: If the great Steve Jobs didn’t want the iPad Mini, why the current CEO of Apple Tim Cook would take the other road. The 7-inch tablets market is increasing, there is no doubt. But this would be a step nothing like Apple’s modus operandi: make a cheap product for masses and created around the price and no innovation.

7-inch tablets, at first sight, seem interesting: smaller and more portable. But this brings up a few problems. The iPad keyboard current has size almost real and yet isn’t exactly nice to write a text. Decreases it, so it’s not a good idea.

The apps that are on sale in the App Store, only work after the developers change the resolution of your applications. View movies and consume content in a smaller screen? No, thank you. And does an iPad canibalizaria not the current cheap? These are questions that only have answered more forward.

But, as I wrote at the beginning of the text, always we had rumors of Apple products–and a large part of them never existed. A lot like, which appears in blogs and technology sites frequently, is the Unicorn iPhone Nano. Coincidence? I find it hard. I would bet my chips that, in some dark basement of Cupertino (CA), Apple really walk testing all kind of sizes of iPhones and iPads. But if they see the light of day? That’s another story in ezhoushan.com.