Wildcards: 6 Key Pieces for Summer

A good summer wardrobe is not only one who guarantees freshness and style, he also needs to allow a large possibility of uses for each piece, making it worth the money invested. To this end, the tip is to invest in wildcard parts, key parts and basic, which typically allow numerous combinations.

Below, a list of six pieces that are considered wild cards from the station and that will help you to put together a gorgeous look for any occasion.

1. Races of Fine Fabrics

The regatta is a play considered casual and stripped, however, when made in more sophisticated fabrics she moves very well between various styles and environments. Fabrics such as viscose and silk bring an air of elegance and match up with most sophisticated occasions. Is an item with a stripped and the other in the classic. Take the closet the basic regatinha of cotton and include these materials. Bet in neutral colors like white, nude, gray and black or even in bright colors for which you have preference. They will serve to mount looks since for a ride up to the job. To give an even greater air of sophistication, use the piece with a blazer of tailoring.

2. Pants Pantaloons

How about replacing the muffled by a jeans pants of tissue fluid and cold one? As a matter of practicality, the tip is to invest in tissues that do not love (or love). These pants are good for work along with a thin fabric shirt, get a t-shirt and sports make you well dressed in a silk tank top. Are useful advice: find a part that has the beautiful and well fitted waistband and set the bar for the shoe that you want to use.

3. Collect

A good vest can make a difference in the closet, because it helps you to replace the blazer in formal occasions. “In natural fabrics or viscose, it’s artificial, but still fresh, it is the ideal piece to give a touch more in visual, but without making you hot. The looks with vest work well for weekend rides and make you more well dressed when this is necessary.

4. Short of Tailoring

It is virtually impossible to get through the summer without wearing a single short, if you need to buy a give preference to those of tailoring: the piece be dressed up for a night out or stripped to a casual moment. That is, works for virtually any look. Prefer neutral colors that will go with any color and finish and extend the possibilities.

5. Sophisticated Rasterinha

The rasteirinha is one of the most popular shoes on hot days, and it is worth purchasing a couple more worked: for example, with lashing back, interesting details, fabrics more noble or precious stones. The footwear is still not allowed everywhere, but it transitions between casual and more formal.

6. Long Gown

Long dresses are super high and still help you lengthen the silhouette. Have a very fresh model is almost mandatory and even the little ones can use. Part modeling can form a single vertical line that gives the feeling that the woman is higher, especially when the belt is in place. Long dresses are a practice piece for those days when you lack time to get ready.

If you buy just one, the tip is to pay attention to the colors and fabrics that will make the item more or less versatile. The higher the quality of the fabric better. The made in viscose are pretty easy to find. For those who don’t have any long dress in the closet yet, the tip is to invest in neutral colors or minimalist prints, just don’t take sick fast part. Women who already have more than one piece, the tip is to bet on dressed in vibrant colors and prints, they are the face of the summer!