Winter Shorts, Do You Dare with The Tendency to ‘ Short’? (Part II)

Who said that Bermuda are only for the summer? The more daring we will wear short, always superimposed on a long, or what is the same, leggings, tights or pants below the shorts.

Today analyze the second part, whose element in common is commitment to the shorts in the international gateways as in the fashion street. Yet it is too soon to venture if the trend if it will become one of the key style, what I can assure is that it is visually one of the most striking

The best street style with winter shorts

Of all the streetstylers that already have been encouraged to lead the trend < em> winter shorts on the street I have chosen to Syan L Hong Kong, by their combinations in black with white or blue cyan, in groups that are formed with military or American, denim or t-shirt printed shirt jacket, Pleated shorts o shorts above the knee mesh cotton or finish vinyl leggings and sneakers.
Two very funny looks, in which the cocktail of textures y layers It is very well achieved and colors very well linked. Two options totally wearable, two very inspiring outfits and take into account.

Minimal layers in David Dolphin

Several layers one over the other; mesh point and by over a shorts, Turtleneck shirts more shirt and American or failing a sweater overzize.
Very sleek and very simple garments, an iminimal Magen in the key of style lies in the overlay and in the mix of colors. Neutral tones such as black or gray illuminate yellow and white and sometimes are emphasized in Fuchsia. To complete the outfit nothing better than gloves, laced shoes or suede maxibolso.

Hair and black

And never better, because for Damir Doma or in Gut completo Dynamite Cabaret the bet is a look of shorts and anything below, Let that they go as they say ‘a hair’, Although not be if I just invent the term, the idea is understood to see the image. Now share it is nothing but the cold that makes I don’t know if anyone dares.
The thing is a total black look with jacket that Yes, more Bermuda and Slipper or shoe cropped. The Hat air cordovan and the American cutting Saharan They seem to me most interesting.

Crazy Yohji Yamamoto Hat

We will have to wait until the next spring-summer 2011, tor injoy a collection style ‘the Madhatter’ (the Mad Hatter) the last character of Tim Burton starring the brilliant Johnny Depp It seems to be a great source of inspiration for the master Yohji Yamamoto.
Looks of melancholic air and very romantic, as the character himself, who rescued the frock coat, the frills, the top hat, and they also include the shirt dress in masculine clothes. Outfits monochrome or how much bi-color. Round toe shoes embellished with buckle matching hats, to complete .