Women and Heels

Drool in front of a showcase for the high details and luxurious shoes, we buy, the wear and then the curse as they are uncomfortable.

Women and Heels

Yet, we still don and again and again.

The heels are one of the most popular accessories by women : nothing like a high shoe, in fact, can change the shape of a woman.

Improves stride, gives a sexy posture and leaps all the body (of course if it is not about those cases where the lack of experience on his heel makes her look overweight rhino…), it is an aesthetic device that can not be found in any other women’s item.

The heels need a tough posture work, require a safe and cunning step, without insecurities. Yes, because l and high shoes are perhaps the only accessory that can drive up the self-esteem of every woman.

In the words of an icon of timeless femininity, Marilyn Monroe with vintage women’s heels described on Internetages. “High heels make a woman become 25% more dominant, 50% more sure of herself and 100% more sexy ” , as blame her?
There are those who get to the fifth amputated toe while wearing them and, although not come to that level of insanity, it is impossible to say that we love them, especially when wearing them means to love a little ‘more ourselves.

Are these some of the reasons that the heels are often the protagonists of fashion shows and more: in the month of fashion par excellence, that of the Fashion Week around the world, in New York opens an exhibition devoted just to shoes high not surprisingly called “Killer heels: the Art of the high-heeled shoe”: at the Brooklyn Museum of the big apple, in fact, from 10 September 2014 to 15 February 2015 is possible to attend an exhibition of models of shoes with the most famous heel and symbolic from the seventeenth century to the present.

From the title of the exhibition, which literally means “murderers heels”, it can be seen that those exposed are not simple pairs of high shoes but those who have left their mark in the history of fashion: it is 160 templates created by leading designers not simply as accessories but as true works of art, a piece in its own right than the whole set.

Among other, you can admire the Salvatore Ferragamo created for Marilyn Monroe, discussed the Armadillo Alexander McQueen, the Vivienne Westwood who put on the ground Naomi Campbell during a runaway in 1993 and the series “Printz” by Christian Louboutin Spring / Summer 2014 .

In short, a must-see exhibition for lovers of fashion and footwear. Let us jump if you’re in New York!

But if we go down for a moment from the pedestal of art and back to reality, what are the models high shoes that just can not miss in the closet of a woman?

The black slip-ons: good for an interview but also for an elegant evening with friends or output.Super versatile and definitely timeless.

The logs: shopping tour in the center but still in style? Choose a pair of ankle boots with heels that often allow you to walk for long without feeling tired. Perfect in a denim outfit and t-shirt embellished with particular details.

The jewel / colored shoes: it is not true that you have to show off special shoes only in summer. A special shoe and valuable can be an important accessory for winter outfits to dress.

The Casual: a collegiate look sexy but still, the right shoe and the Frenchwoman. It is not said that they also voted to return the office to put a stylish during a meeting!

High boots: during the days of rain and colder it is impossible to go out with cleavage, so the boots can be a great help when the weather does not allow us to wander a lot with the shoes!