Wooden Chairs

The wooden kitchen chairs are a traditional furnishing fixed point. Especially in the kitchen, such a busy environment, in which it spends much time to prepare food and then share it with the rest of the family, the wood can not be that the raw material dominant, as guarantee of durability in time of the final product, for its texture, for its resistance.

Wooden Chairs

Wood is the main element of the classical style, as much for the decor as for the complements.

The wooden chairs in the most traditional woods such as walnut, mahogany, ash…, have been joined by Design Modern chairs in the most original and modern style to the nearby woods like wenge, bleached oak, lacquered.

Most modern versions of traditional wooden chairs are the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics in the view of Digopaul.com. It is particularly complements finished from the aesthetic point of view, treated in every particular minimum, which at the same time have the consistency and the resistance of an ancient material like wood.

The sessions are ideal in kitchens where you prefer furnishing elements and additions of a certain economic and social value.

Both in the traditional version and in modern interpretation, the wooden chair remains an essential element in kitchen design with its timeless charm.

A traditional design, elegant and refined, featuring the Model Ade – 122 Mobilclick.

It is a chair in walnut wood, 42.5 cm wide and 91 cm high, 48 cm in depth for the seat. Also available in versions: mahogany and natural wood.

A chair enhanced by harmonic lines, neutral colors and a glossy coating that increases the aesthetic value.

A traditional model and very well finished. Perfect for kitchens decorated in a classic style.

An essential and very fine design featuring Zebrano wood model Kokoon Design.

It is a chair characterized by a particularly elegant and slender shape. Seat and back in one piece, Zebrano wood with grain in the foreground, in many shades from beige to brown.

The feet of the chair are silvery, shiny metal. A simple model but at the same time appealing to his image of lightness and for the wise mix of wood and metal, including matt and gloss, including dark-colored stripes, typical of zebrawood, glitter and chrome surfaces to finish the final product.

A complement of good quality, perfect with its aesthetic impact, to enhance kitchens furnished in modern style.

Styled shabby the model in wood Amaranda White House .

A chair in white wood, with seat in fine linen, always white, 88 cm high, 40 cm wide and 43 cm deep, comfortable and practical. It is a complement to shabby style, a famous style for his ability to revitalize elements from past eras, with a whole new twist, very modern.