Word File Viewer in Gmail

These are small details that make Gmail the best service e-mail today. The store has not increased much, but at least for me is still sufficient. And we have a search powerful, though slow. Integration with Google Docs makes life much easier. And today the service development team added another feature that can help a lot.

You are in college, when you receive a Word document containing a job to be delivered. However, your duty is only to check if the header is right. Normally, one would have to download the file and open it in the machine text editor.

No longer. Gmail now won the document viewer created in Word. It works with both file extension .doc (used to Word 2003) as files with .docx, which are the standard of Word 2007 and Word 2010 now.

The new function is already working in all Gmail accounts around the world. In the test I did (pictured above), the Word document viewer works well, although it has to undergo improvements. For example, it appears a black rod which should be the header and footer. This is truly weird.

Upgrade to 16:10 | The news was announced today on the official Gmail blog.