X Swimming Goggles: A Basic In Our Meters

We know something that can not miss in our trainings are the swimming goggles, whether large, small, color, various… Therefore, today I come to tell you of glasses which, from the outset, surprised by his relation quality price, theNabaiji x.

It is true that today we have many different models of sunglasses, but if something I’m proud, it is whenever I go to the pool to train and see both children and adults, with a model of sunglasses, the conventional, this model that has been for many years accompanying us on our workouts in the pool and that is the x. If you still don’t know it you may ask: Why choose it? Here polyhobbies.com will answer you.

Features Of The X Swim Goggles

They have a good field of view.

Thanks to the auto-adjustable bridge you can adapt to the morphology of your face.

Very good tightness thanks to the apron of the glass

Rubber rear adjustable with numbering.

Good treatment anti mist

Available for child and adult.

This type of glass is a glass both for which starts in sport or who is going to the pool occasionally, but that doesn’t mean that a regular swimmer wants them to carry, since thanks to its shape, it has a very good adaptation to all kinds of faces.

Thanks to this Sunglass we can practice the sport that we love without sacrificing the quality of a good product, as their relationship quality/price is indisputable. If you are still hesitating on what glass to choose, remember this videoblogto learn a few good tips on how to choose a glass of swimming?

And if something is good, what change it?

So in short you will introduce anything new on this glass, and that are okay but time in when does no harm to improve some aspects are different colors? other prints? is it the price? is it setting?

Be sure to read us and be the first to discover the novelties on the x!

I tell you in the next post!