Xperia Tablet Z

The news of the day, at least in the House Sony, it’s definitely the official announcement of Xperia Tablet Z, which already we had anticipated the last week.

This is a device which until now were only available three images by number, but now we can see not only live in the shot above, but especially in a short video, while giving view of classic interface Sony, however in a tablet instead of smartphones.

Don’t expect to see much footage of just 35 seconds, but given the speed with which he appeared, we expect more detailed hands-on short time: in the worst case we trust as always in the Mobile World Congress. For now, however, we must be satisfied with a look at the fluid interface (it was assumed that it was) of Xperia Tablet Z, and we keep our fingers crossed for a future broadcast also on our market.

Update: the one in the video is not the tablet from Sony, which misses the mark of the company is clearly visible in the photo above, and which has a rather visible along its sides, absent actual model instead. I apologize for the lightness in having posted a video without having it inspected properly, I made the mistake of trusting too much of the source, which, as far as known, you should never do.