Zeromovil “Gives” Terminals

The Mobile Virtual network operator Zeromovil He is very active in the last days. It carries few months on the market but it has already had time to change their rates scheme, we present its rates at the beginning of November which have changed completely in the last days going to a more simple model consistent with what are usually the OMV.

We know today that two models offers of Nokia prepaid, the 1661 and the 2720, under the scheme to give the purchase price which is 30 and 20 euros respectively in balance.

We are talking about two basic models in the range of Nokia, the 1661 in format bar and the 2720 in format shell. The second is more complete since it includes camera, 32 MB of internal memory, Bluetooth, email, and network EDGE support. This is interesting since Zeromovil runs with the network of Movistar, which is deploying EDGE at the moment.