9 CyanogenMod and Ice Cream Sandwich Arrive at The LG Optimus 2 X

Last week we saw how Cyanogen talked about problems that were having to undergo the latest version of your ROM with Ice Cream Sandwich. While it is true that development is delayed, and that it will not reach as many terminals as we’d like, there are those working in parallel with source code to extend the compatibility.

This is the case of Ricardo Cerqueira, a home developer who has decided to take CyanogenMod 9, and by extension Ice Cream Sandwich to the LG Optimus 2 X. Some of you already know that the Korean manufacturer with updates policy is not being as good as it should be. For this reason, albeit unofficially, there be a consolation who care is voluntarily to keep terminals.

The ROM is a matter It is stable but it has a couple of bugs. On the one hand there neither video nor with encoding decoding. I.e., nothing of playing video or not to burn them. On the other hand, Google designed for Ice Cream Sandwich apps may have small problems. The best example of this is Google Chrome.

If you want to try the ROM and are curious to see what offers Ice Cream Sandwich is a good opportunity. However, the idea of experience takes you a little backwards, it is better to wait. Eventually, according to go to advance the development of the community they appear more polished versions. In some mobile phones, such as the Galaxy family, there has been progress theme.