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MBA – Master of Business Administration – is a business management training at the graduate level. Training available at a business school or a University abroad often referred to as a business school. The training aims primarily at providing experienced or potential leaders with the opportunity to expand their leadership skills, particularly focusing on strategic management.

The study usually lasts 1-2 years full time or can be carried out over a number of years as part-time or distance study. Executive MBA (abbreviated EMBA or E * MBA) refers often to more targeted and shorter MBA courses for more experienced leaders. The Studio is often structured in different modules, for example. human resource management, finance, and marketing, but all together with a focus on strategic management. Frequently used case studies as the basis for the preparation of reports, as the students will be judged on the basis of.
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MBA Master of Business Administration Master
EMO Early Morning Originator Originator
TGIF Tactical Ground Intercept Facility Facility
AWOL A Way of Life Way

Education was first introduced in the United States in the post-war period and has since reached spread to special United Kingdom and other European countries, including Denmark. On the other hand, training virtually unknown in Japan, which, among other things. due to different perceptions of what a leader is. An underlying performance for MBA program is that leadership is something you can learn or get better at using a number of methods and techniques. This idea has been criticized because leadership is a social activity that also requires experience, maturity and dedication. For the same reason a sufficient age often an entry requirements on European MBA studies. In the United States have persons with a bachelor's degree and no professional experience, however, also possible to search in to most MBA studies, but the emphasis is on students with no professional experience has achieved a particular level of analytical and practical competence in their bachelor's study.

MBA courses will be closely monitored and the rank listed by media and accreditation organizations. It offers prospective students a better opportunity to choose the right MBA education, since there can be a big difference in prestige and quality. The price level of an MBA are also usually much higher than regular Masters courses (in the case of user fees), since employers often are involved in paying the costs.


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