Albena Travel Guide

Albena is a popular family destination. For many Finns dreaming of a holiday trip, Bulgaria is the absolute number one destination of the summer. A favorite of families with children among the many holiday villages in the country is Albena, which offers a relaxing beach holiday.


A favorite of families with children

Saturated with green plantations, Albena is one of the most famous travel destinations in Bulgaria. Albena’s peaceful surroundings and gentle beaches offer not only families with children but also others who need an effortless beach holiday. In addition, Bulgaria is still a relatively inexpensive destination , which is a welcome plus for many budget travelers.

Both groups of friends enjoying the celebration and families with children looking for a relaxing holiday have found their own favorite destinations in Bulgaria. Albena is one of the favorite destinations for the latter group of tourists. Known for its greenery, the holiday village is located on the shores of the Black Sea, about 35 km from Varna and 15 km from the Golden Sands.

Short flight, child friendly beaches

Albena is suitable for families with children on summer holidays for many reasons: the flight time to Bulgaria is short, the beaches of the resort are child-friendly and the nightlife is very peaceful. In addition, the center of Albena is calmed down by car, so getting around the resort is safe.

The beaches are the most famous attraction of the place and due to its affordability Bulgaria is also a good shopping tourist destination. The specialty of Bulgarian sign language is that nodding your head means no and shaking your head means yes, and this is also good for a shopping tourist to remember.

A destination for the summer season

For most, Albena is a summer holiday destination, traveled mainly between May and September. Summers in Bulgaria are hot and the warmest are in July and August, when the daytime temperature rises above 30 degrees.

Even in spring and autumn, temperatures in Bulgaria remain at pleasant readings, but winters, on the other hand, are cold in the country. In winter, temperatures drop to about zero and even to the frost side.

Short flight, child friendly beaches

Easy beach vacation

Lounging on the beach is the main goal of the trip for many people traveling to Albena. The kilometer-long beach is just right for this purpose: soft and kilometer-long, and the services in a small holiday village are never far away.

If sunbathing alone is not exciting, you can also enjoy water sports on the beaches of Albena. For example, water skiing, pedal boating and paragliding are available.

Families with children will enjoy the beaches of Albena. The beaches are clean and gently deepening, so they are also suitable for the little ones in the family. The wide beach also has plenty of space for sand games, and sand castles can be built in Albena to your heart’s content.

In addition to the beaches, children can also enjoy water games at the Bulgarian water parks, which are great day trip destinations. Popular include Aquapolis on the Golden Sands and Sunny Beach Action Aquapark.

Cheap shopping and restaurant nights

Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries in Europe, so dining and shopping, for example, hardly tax a tourist’s wallet.

However, there are limited shopping opportunities in Albena, so it is worth taking shopping trips to other cities in Bulgaria. In Varna, for example, prices are often slightly lower than in Albena and the selections are wider.

The low price level is also reflected in the restaurants in Albena, where it is worth filling your stomach frequently during your stay. Bulgarian food is filling, meaty and cheesy, and local wines are also worth a taste.

At the end of the dinner, it is appropriate to leave a small tip for the waiter. The appropriate amount is about 10 percent of the invoice amount.



Flights via Varna

You can fly to Bulgaria from Finland in about three hours. The closest airport to Albena is Varna Airport, located about 40 km from Albena. Flights to Bulgaria cost around € 200-600.

Bulgaria is part of the selection of many Finnish travel agencies and offers trips such as Tjäreborg and Aurinkomatkat.

Accommodation and hotels

Accommodation and hotel offerings can be found in Albena from one end to the other, both in terms of level and value for money.

Hotels can often seem modest to the traveler accustomed to Mediterranean resorts, but there are also luxury hotels in Albena. There are also very affordable hostels suitable for the budget traveler.

Many of Albena’s most popular hotels are located along the seafront.

Getting around is advantageous

The core areas of Albena are easily accessible on foot, as the holiday village is not large and the city center is quiet from car traffic. It is easy to take over the holiday village on a low-cost mini train in the area.

If you want to visit other resorts and cities in Bulgaria, you can do it cheaply by bus. For example, a trip from Albena to Varna costs only a few euros.

Renting a car is an easy way to get to know the country more widely, but the tourist should be vigilant in traffic, as the Bulgarian traffic culture is much different from the Finnish one.



Albena beach

Albena beach is about five kilometers long, clean and clear water. The beach is also suitable for children and there are playgrounds nearby. Many hotels provide sun loungers and parasols for their guests and can be rented on the public beach for a few euros.

Varna Golden Sands

Varna’s Golden Sands , Bulgaria’s famous beach resort, is only 15 km from Albena and easily reached by bus. On the Golden Sands, you can enjoy water sports, shopping, sightseeing or a day at the water park.

Black Sea

In Albena, you can explore the Black Sea on a diving course or boat trip. Diving courses are offered by the Albena Diving Center.



Try these in Albena

  • Lounging on the beach
  • Shopping trip to Varna
  • Boat trip to the Black Sea

The disadvantages of Albena

  • Not suitable for those who enjoy a lively nightlife
  • Tap water should not be drunk
  • Earthquakes possible