Anticrash Cover for Your iPad

Anticrash Cover for Your iPad

June 7, 2016 Mobile and Phone 0

Should your iPad could be lost without repair for a result, then you should look at this cover.

Many schools, institutions, shipping carriers and others. using iPads in daily life, but unfortunately, many in pieces and have to service, as a result of the unfortunate losses.

There are a multitude of protective covers in the stores, and Sandberg has just introduced another cover, for this collection.

Sandberg AntiCrash Cover according to the company’s own tests, reduce the risk of injury by up to 75 percent.

The cover has “bubbles” at both ends, so the iPad always lands on one of these if it were to slip out of the hand of the user.

AntiCrash Cover has a suggested price of $ 149 dollars inclusive of VAT.