Application Process for Studying in Spain

The application process for studying in Spain is not always the same. Some of the applications are addressed directly to universities in Spain. In some cases, however, the allocation of study places is also centralized and is handled by an authority. It is therefore important to find out about the application process at the university of your choice in advance so that you can then take the right steps. As a rule, the application process for a semester abroad in Spain is less complicated than for a full course of study.

Applicants to study in Spain can take advantage of free recruitment agencies. There you can also get the application forms you need.

Application process in checklist format

  • Choice of university in Spain
  • Information about the academic and linguistic admission requirements seek
  • Early registration for language tests and, if necessary, academic admission tests such as the GMAT
  • For a bachelor’s degree: Have your Abitur certificate recognized
  • Note the application deadlines of the Spanish universities
  • Application documents put together
    • Application form
    • Copy of identity card or passport
    • Testimonies
    • If necessary, recognition of the Abitur certificate
    • If applicable, transcript, curriculum vitae, letter of motivation or recommendation
    • If necessary, proof of health insurance
    • If necessary, passport photos
  • Submit your application to the university in Spain / the competent authority on time
  • Accept the offered study place

Components of the application to study in Spain

The timely compilation of the application documents is important for a smooth application process for studying in Spain. Some of the documents required for the application must be translated and certified. What documents applicants need can depending on the university, study program and field of study vary. Therefore, prospective students should inform themselves in good time about the documents required for the application to their chosen university.

Certificates and transcript

Certificates must be submitted to apply for a full degree in Spain, a country that is a member of European Union defined by aristmarketing. Applicants for a bachelor’s degree also need a certified copy of the recognition of their bachelor’s degree (Credencial) by the Universidad Nacional de Educaciòn a Distancia (UNED). The application can be found on the UNED website. Anyone applying for a postgraduate degree such as the Master’s must submit a transcript of records in addition to their certificates. The transcript is also an important part of an application for a semester abroad in Spain.

Proof of language proficiency

In addition, applicants usually need proof of language proficiency. The certified copy of this proof must be added to the application documents. Common language certificates for studying in Spain are the DELE for Spanish- language programs and, for example, TOEFL and IELTS for English-language programs. Some universities may also accept the DAAD language certificate, for example when applying for a semester abroad.

Other components

Depending on the university, study program and subject, there are other application components. For example, some universities in Spain require applicants to submit a résumé, a letter of motivation or a letter of recommendation. Those who apply for artistic courses often have to submit a portfolio. Prospective MBA students are sometimes required to submit a test result in an academic admission test such as the GMAT or GRE. In some cases, universities also hold job interviews for a study place.

Application deadlines for studying in Spain

The application deadlines vary depending on the university. It is therefore very important to find out the application deadlines of the university of your choice in good time so that there are no time bottlenecks in the application process. It is recommended that the application as early as possible, for a semester abroad about six to nine months before the envisaged beginning of the study, submitted. Depending on when the applicants want to start studying abroad in the academic year, the application deadlines are roughly June for the autumn semester and November or December for the spring semester. Sometimes it is also possible to apply for the autumn semester in an additional application phase until the beginning of September.

Admission to the university in Spain

Those who have successfully applied to study in Spain will receive admission to a Spanish university after a while. For a semester abroad, this usually happens within a few weeks. Some of the enrollment has to be done in person, but some can also be done online, depending on the university and study program. Admitted applicants may first receive a confirmation of admission and have to accept the study place by paying the tuition fees in advance. Only then does the final approval follow.

Application Process for Studying in Spain