Auckland University of Technology Reviews

Registration process

As a dual student (Business Administration – Bachelor of Science) at the Nordakademie in Elmshorn, the application process was a bit complicated at first. I applied for the 5th semester in New Zealand from my 3rd semester. Unfortunately, from the perspective of the AUT or Auckland University of Technology according to answerresume, I had not yet completed enough exams, so that in addition to the TOEFL test, I also needed a certified copy of my Abitur certificate to register.


I signed up for the Wellesley Student Accommodation student apartments relatively well in advance. Is the easiest, but also the most expensive, way to live there. The lecture buildings and the library on the City Campus are just a few minutes’ walk away. The rooms themselves are small, but we were lucky with our living-dining room and kitchen area. And my roommates were just gorgeous. By and large, the younger students live there and there is a wild party almost every day in one of the apartments. So it’s easy to meet people and have a lot of fun. The facility is functional, perfectly adequate for students. Met some students who first moved into the hostel and from there one WG / flat searched. Saves some money, if you are lucky you will get to know some locals, but it also costs more time to come to the lectures.


The International Office and also the normal student office take care of you very well and that immediately after your arrival in Auckland. The course selection is very easy and is done with a personal advisor (no course crashing or other games). The welcome events for the internationals and all other new students are also very nicely designed. The City Campus is very modern and well equipped. The library is almost always full and extends over 4 floors. There is also a food court and an on-campus gym. What annoyed me a bit was that you had to pay for internet use with a few cents per MB, but that wasn’t more than 3 euros for the entire semester. You still have to be careful when it comes to the two different campuses. There is a shuttle bus at peak times, but that also costs money.

Business and Law Building

I took all of my courses in WF Building (Business and Law). This 9 or 10 story building is ingeniously equipped. All lectures take place in groups of a maximum of 30 students and almost every seat has its own laptop for free. The level of the lectures was quite different. It was probably because I had level 5, 6 and 7 papers. Compared to my university in Germany, it was a little easier, but I still had to invest a lot of time in 2 of my 4 courses.

Life and food

New Zealand and Auckland are gorgeous in themselves. The city of Auckland is so extensive that a car is almost recommended. However, you cannot park it for free in the direct city center. For this reason I didn’t buy a car. With your own apartment + parking space, things look different again. We usually rented a cheap car at the weekend and traveled around the country and visited as much as possible. A supermarket can be reached with one of the bus lines, which leaves directly in front of the front door and costs just under 50 cents per trip. There are also extremely many takeaways in the city center. In addition, the AUT and the Auckland Uni (right next door) offer various promotions on the subject of “food” (free feed, vegan buffet, etc. ).


All in all, I really enjoyed my time in Auckland. Everything went perfectly and smoothly, once we arrived and registered. In addition, I had endless fun with the other international students. Overall, the New Zealanders (Kiwis) are so nice, friendly and open people that that alone is worth the trip. If I went to Auckland again for a semester abroad, then I would do some little things differently (which is always a question of type and maybe also comes from the fact that I know everything on site and now have one or two New Zealand friends thanks to the university). As an example, I would not move into the Wellesley Apartments again, but this time into a shared apartment with locals and then buy a car and use public Use public transport to get to the university. The only problem is that you are not within walking distance of clubs and discos in the city center / at the port.

Auckland University of Technology Reviews