Bamboo ADzero: Distinction and Unique Design Created in Wood

If any of you are a nature lover or like the unique and exclusive designs, today is in luck, and that we have met the first first Android smartphone with exclusive design made mainly of wood bamboo.

Obviously, wooden is only the outer casing, Since inside the device is a smartphone to use as other devices, Android and other platforms, although There are no known data from your specifications Internal.

Although being the first Android device made of wood is already sufficiently interesting, really good it is to know how it has come to design this smartphone, and is that a British student of Middlesex University has managed that a Chinese producer sponsor you to carry out this work of modern art.

The project consists of styling the outer shell of the device in a single piece of bamboo four years of age, with the necessary treatment to ensure the touch and durability of the material.

Bamboo ADzero It will be available in China this year, and although it has not transcended officially, refers to that it could also reach Europe later, probably to the United Kingdom.

Prices not been mentioned, although We assume that it will be at the height of their distinction. So that you may know more about this curious smartphone, we leave you with the video in which the creator explains how it has come to the Bamboo ADzero:

View the video at the original site.