Barton, Vermont Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Barton, Vermont is a small town located in the northeast corner of the state. With a population of just over 1,000 people, it is situated in a beautiful rural area surrounded by rolling hills and lush forests. The town borders several other towns and cities, providing residents with easy access to a variety of amenities and activities.

To the north of Barton lies Newport, Vermont’s second-largest city. Here visitors will find plenty of shopping opportunities at the Newport City Mall as well as restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. There are also many historical sites to explore in this city such as the Old Stone House Museum and the St Albans Historical Society Museum.

To the south lies Coventry, which is home to several lakes for fishing or swimming as well as some interesting attractions like the Coventry Covered Bridge and Fort Dummer State Park. This area also offers plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and camping for those looking for an adventure.

To the east lies Glover, home to Glover State Park which offers amazing views from its rocky cliffs overlooking Lake Memphremagog. There are also plenty of hiking trails here that take visitors through forests filled with wildlife and wildflowers during springtime months.

To the west lies East Burke which is known for its ski resort areas such as Burke Mountain Resort and Q Burke Mountain Resort & Spa where visitors can enjoy skiing or snowboarding during winter months or take advantage of mountain biking trails during summer months.

Overall, Barton provides residents with easy access to a variety of nearby towns and cities offering numerous activities that can be enjoyed throughout all four seasons!

Population of Barton, Vermont

Barton, Vermont is a small town located in the northeast corner of the state. With a population of just over 1,000 people, it is one of the smallest towns in Vermont. The population is comprised mostly of white residents with a small minority population.

The majority of the people living in Barton are between 20 and 34 years old, with about 30% falling into this age group. This is followed by 25 to 44 year olds which make up about 24% of the population. The remaining population consists mostly of older citizens who are 45 and above.

The median household income in Barton is $44,000 which is slightly lower than the state average but higher than many other towns in Vermont. The largest industry in Barton is retail trade which employs around 10% of the workforce while manufacturing accounts for another 8%. Other industries that employ Barton residents include construction, healthcare and hospitality services.

In terms of education, most adults living in Barton have at least a high school diploma or equivalent with around 18% having some college or an associate’s degree. There are also several educational facilities located within town limits including St Albans Town School District and North Country Union High School as well as several private schools like Missisquoi Valley Union Middle/High School and St Albans City School District.

Overall, Barton has a diverse population with many different ages and backgrounds represented among its residents making it a great place to live for those looking for a small-town feel with easy access to nearby cities and amenities!

Schools and Education in Barton, Vermont

Barton, Vermont is home to several educational facilities that provide quality education to its residents. The St Albans Town School District serves grades pre-K through 8th grade and is the primary school system for Barton. It consists of three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The district also offers special programs such as Advanced Placement courses and a variety of extracurricular activities for students to participate in. Check topmbadirectory for Vermont MBA schools.

The North Country Union High School is the only public high school in Barton and serves students from across the county. It offers a wide range of course offerings from traditional subjects like English and math to more specialized classes such as business, computer science, and engineering. The high school also has a variety of extracurricular activities including sports teams, music groups, and student clubs.

In addition to public schools, there are several private schools located in Barton including Missisquoi Valley Union Middle/High School which provides an alternative education option for grades 7-12. Other private schools include St Albans City School District which educates students from K-8th grade and Lamoille Union Middle/High School which serves grades 6-12.

Overall, Barton provides its residents with access to quality education at both public and private institutions. With a variety of course offerings available at each facility, students can find the right fit for their individual needs while still getting an excellent education that will prepare them for future success!

Barton, Vermont

Places of Interest in Barton, Vermont

Barton, Vermont is a small town with a lot of charm and plenty of attractions for visitors and locals alike. From outdoor activities to historic sites, there’s something for everyone in this quaint community.

For those looking to explore the great outdoors, Barton has several parks and trails to explore. The Barton River Trail is a popular destination for hiking, biking, and fishing. It follows the Barton River for over seven miles and includes several scenic overlooks along the way. Additionally, the nearby Willoughby Lake offers a variety of water activities from boating to swimming.

Barton is also home to several historic sites that tell its story from the past. The Barton Historical Society Museum houses artifacts from Barton’s early days while the nearby Willoughby Covered Bridge offers visitors a glimpse into 19th century engineering feats. For those interested in architecture, there are also several Victorian-style homes located in town that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

When it comes to shopping, dining and entertainment options, there’s plenty to choose from in Barton as well. The downtown area features numerous local businesses such as antique shops, clothing stores and cafes while larger chain stores are located at the nearby mall. Additionally, there are several annual events hosted by local organizations such as the Summer Festival or Fall Harvest Festival which provide family-friendly fun throughout the year!