Beach Holidays in Canary Islands, Spain

Fuerteventura Island

The main resorts of the island are located in its northern part – in Corralejo (Corralejo), and in the southern part – on the peninsula Jandia (Jandia).

Corralejo is the island’s most popular resort. Once a fishing village, Corralejo is now the island’s largest resort town with hotels and restaurants. In Corralejo, an 11-kilometer beach stretches along the entire coast, and in the northern part of the city the beach is bordered by rocks, and in the south by the sand dunes of the Natural Park of Corralejo. Sand dunes stretch here over an area of ​​27 square meters. km.

According to Psy Know How, Jandia peninsula forms the southwestern tip of Fuerteventura. Most of its coastline is occupied by wide sandy beaches. In the central part of the peninsula, small mountains rise (the highest elevation is 807 m), and in the northern part, near the isthmus connecting the peninsula with the island of Fuerteventura, sand dunes stretch. At the sand dunes on the eastern coast of the peninsula, near the town of Costa Calma, there is the Playa de Sotavento beach, which was chosen by windsurfers. A little to the south stretches the beach of the city of Morro Jable. On the opposite coast of the peninsula, the beaches of Playa de Cofete and Playa de Barlovento stretch. (Playa de Barlovento). On the east coast of the island of Fuerteventura, 12 km from its capital – the city of Puerto del Rosario (Puerto del Rosario), the town of Caleta de Fuste is located. The waters washing the local coast are calm, which allows you to relax on the local beach with children. South of Puerto del Rosario is the town of Gran Trajal with a small beach of black volcanic sand.

Lanzarote Island

The main tourist center of the island of Lanzarote is the resort of Puerto del Carmen (Puerto del Carmen) – located on its southern coast. The resort area with beaches of dark volcanic sand stretches for 6 km along the coast. Along the beaches is the Avenida de la Playas promenade, where you will find the best shops and restaurants. Avenida de la Playas is the recognized center of Lanzarote’s nightlife, with numerous bars, nightclubs and the island’s only casino. The resort town of Playa Blanca is located 25 km southwest. This is the youngest resort of the island with five-star hotels. and world class restaurants. Families with children mainly rest here, because this is a quiet place where there are no crowds of tourists and noisy nightclubs. Playa Blanca is also notable for the fact that a ferry runs from here and boats leave for the island of Fuerteventura. The resort is framed from the north by the reserved mountains of Los Ayaches and the extinct volcano Montana Roja. To the east of the city stretches one of the best beaches of the island – Papagayo. In fact, this is a series of small cozy bays with crystal clear waters, separated by capes.

On the east coast of Lanzarote, the beaches of the capital of the island, the city of Arrecife, are very popular. This is Playa Reducto (Playa Reducto) and located just to the west near the airport Playa Honda (Playa Honda).

Northeast of Arrecife is the Costa Teguise. This is a modern resort, which began to be built in the 70s of the 20th century under the leadership of the famous architect Cesaro Manrique. Costa Teguise has 4 yellow sand beaches and the only Water Park on the island. Further north on the coast are the picturesque coastal villages of Charco del Palo and Arrieta, with quiet beaches.

From the northern tip of the island of Lanzarote from the city of Orzola (Orzola), boats depart through a two-kilometer strait to the protected island of La Graciosa (La Graciosa). In the southern part of the island stretched sandy beaches where you can relax.

Palm Island

On the west coast of the island of Palma, in its largest city , Los Llanos de Aridane, there is the best beach of the island of Puerto de Naos, which has recently turned into a whole resort area, and such famous beaches like Los Guirres, El Volcan and Playa del Roque in Tazacorte and Charco Verde. Further south, within The La Palma Marine Reserve, is La Zamora Beach, where you can sunbathe and swim. Also, good beaches are located in the vicinity of the capital of the island – the city of Santa Cruz de la Palma. These are the beaches of Los Cancajos in Brena Baja (south of the capital) and Nogales in Puntallana (north of the capital).

Gomera Island

On the island of Gomera, long beaches can be found in the city of Valle Gran Rey: the city beach itself (the longest beach of this coast), located just north of Playa de Ingles (Playa de Ingles) and beaches located south Charco del Conde, Playa de Vueltas and Playa de Argaga, which are suitable for families with children. On the west coast, there are beaches in the city of Hermigua – Playa de la Caleta beach; and in the capital of the island of San Sebastian de la Gomera (San Sebastian de la Gomera): Playa de San Sebastian, where the locals mostly relax, Playa de la Cueva, the best beach in the capital, and a secluded beach Playa de la Guancha. On the south coast of La Gomera, you can relax on the beaches of the fishing village of Playa Santiago.

Hierro Island

On the island of Hierro, the beaches of the east coast are popular: Bahia de Timijiraque and Playa de la Caleta, located in the vicinity of the capital of the island, Valverde; west coast – Playa de Verodal (Playa de Verodal); and the south coast – LaRestinga.

Beach Holidays in Canary Islands, Spain