Belgium – a Country of Contrasts

Economy, culture, world politics, art, scientific and technological progress, social life – this is not a complete list of areas in which Belgium leads and is ahead of countries with much greater opportunities and resources. This small country successfully manages to take first place in the modern global world, world trade, the fate of the entire European Union and at the same time impress the world community with the antiquity and diversity of cultural heritage of universal significance.

According to top-medical-schools, art is in the blood of Belgium… Visiting the country, anyone can feel the full artistic talent of the Belgians in the architecture of the streets. The counties are dotted with villages that boast castles of every possible style and era. The history of most Belgian towns dates back more than one century and originates in the distant Middle Ages, and possibly even earlier.

Popular cities

Antwerp, Bruges, Liege, Ghent, Tournai, Tongerin, Rochefort, Durbuy. To comprehend the charm of Belgian cities – large and small – is a real pleasure. For example, Bruges is known in the world not only as a city of truly majestic buildings. The late 12th century Beguinage, created as a community for widows and single women, whose peace and quiet cannot be disturbed by the frantic passage of time, fascinates visitors to the city to this day.

The bustling town of Ghent, where every day, hundreds of tourists crowd at the Cathedral of St. Bavo to admire the stunning altar painting – Adoration of the Lamb. Antwerp is the largest city in Flanders. In its central part is the highest cathedral in Belgium, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Antwerp. The city skillfully preserves and cherishes in its appearance the spirit of the Renaissance and Baroque eras.

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is famous for its wonderful Grand Place. “Great Market” – the historical part of the city with two attractions – the Town Hall and the Bread House or the King’s House, as well as many buildings erected by rich baroque guilds and Louis XIV. Atomium – in a futuristic style, a tiny statue of “Manneken Pis” – the world-famous symbols of Brussels.

Li├Ęge, formerly an Episcopal Principality, boasts many churches, and especially the Church of Saint Bartholomew. Charleroi, a relatively young city, the result of the industrial development of Belgium, was founded at the end of the 18th century.

Countless smaller Belgian towns, incredibly charming – Dinant and Bouillon, with majestic fortresses, Diest and Lier, with beganages, Thuen, with hanging gardens, as well as Mechelen, Spa, Kortrijk, Ypres, Rochefort, Durbuy, Chime – to name but a few of them. The buildings of even the smallest towns and villages are witnesses of the amazing architectural heritage of the past centuries.

Enjoy Belgian Cuisine

Belgian cuisine is a feast for your senses! You don’t have to go to expensive restaurants to enjoy good food in Belgium. Belgian cuisine is unlike any other thanks to the inventive chefs and their ability to combine typical Belgian products in a special way. Creative, unique food accessible to everyone is the hallmark of Belgian cuisine, and tradition and quality are its slogan!

All kinds of salads, beer and chocolate are features of Belgian cuisine. Hundreds of different types of beer are bottled at local breweries and large international concerns. The world famous Belgian Trappist beer is even protected by law. Chocolate is another well-known product whose main criterion is quality.

Belgium truly prides itself on a wide range of typically local dishes. North Sea fish, seaweed dishes, waterzoi (chicken and vegetable soup) from Ghent, stump (a combination of boiled potatoes and raw vegetables), as well as various dishes from pheasant, partridge often found in the Ardennes. In fact, Belgium will offer you a real paradise of taste sensations, and this country is famous all over the world!

In addition to rich architecture, unsurpassed cuisine, Belgium pleases vacationers with countless popular festivals, fairs, religious holidays that take place all year round. This small country offers tourists all sorts of ways to spend their leisure time – rowing, horseback riding, cycling – and hiking. In fact, there is entertainment for every taste!

Once visiting Belgium, you will certainly want to come back here again! After all, it is not so easy to know all the secrets and joys of this small and at the same time great country!

Belgium - a Country of Contrasts