Cities and Resorts in Hungary


Gyula is a small Hungarian resort town 4 hours drive from Budapest. It is famous primarily for its reserves of thermal waters. The castle healing bath in Gyula is considered the most beautiful in Hungary. It is called “Fortress” only because it is located in the fortress – the bathhouse is located in the palace park of Count Almashy, on an area of ​​8 hectares. The Gothic palace itself was built 600 years ago, and the park here was laid out later – about 200 years ago. And today in this medieval fortress there is a balneological center with 20 pools with different thermal water. Check to learn more about Hungary.

Local waters, as well as air and a special microclimate, help restore strength, rehabilitate after injuries and generally improve the body, as well as cure respiratory, skin diseases and much more. Well, as a bonus, it is very beautiful here.

Treatment in Gyula

The waters of Gyula are slightly alkaline, containing bicarbonates and chlorides. The indoor and outdoor pools are filled with water of different temperatures (+31..+38°C), which is effective in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological diseases, rehabilitation after injuries, etc.

Contraindications: malignant tumors, pregnancy, high fever and infectious diseases. In addition, pools with water temperatures above +35 ° C are not recommended for patients with cardiovascular and hypertension diseases.

On December 12, a sauna park was opened next to the Castle Spa (Várfürdő) in Gyula. The park consists of 3 large houses with saunas, 2 jacuzzis, 3 swimming pools, showers and a bar. Three saunas were also opened in the building of the spa complex.

Entertainment and attractions in Gyula

The main local attractions: “Centenary Confectionery” with a museum of confectionery art, located in a former Armenian trading house, the only brick church preserved in Europe, the house in which the founder of the Hungarian opera, Ferenc Erkel, was born.

In addition, the city has many museums, it hosts many music and gastronomic festivals, for example, the International Festival of Homemade Palinka and the Feast of King Matthias.


Zalakaros is a small medical resort 20 km from Lake Balaton. The composition, as well as the amount of medicinal water reserves, made the Zalakaros bath one of the most significant in Hungary. Local water belongs to the alkali-chloride hydrocarbonate group, it also contains iodine, bromine, hydrogen sulfide and fluorine. Such a composition in combination with radioactive substances is extremely rare, and in Europe there is nothing like it anywhere else.

Treatment in Zalakaros

The local therapeutic bath “Granit” has a great variety of outdoor and indoor pools: therapeutic (water temperature +32..+36°C) and thermal (+28..+33°C), children’s pool, pool “with effects”, sports pool, wave pool, hydromassage pool.

Indications: diseases of the joints of the limbs and spine, chronic inflammatory diseases of the joints, mild forms of rheumatism, diseases of the skeletal system, rehabilitation after accidents, as well as after orthopedic, neuralgic and musculoskeletal diseases, muscle atrophy, chronic inflammatory gynecological diseases, skin diseases and metabolic disorders associated with joints.

Contraindications: severe diseases of the heart and vascular system, malignant tumors, acute inflammatory diseases, pregnancy, high fever.

Entertainment and attractions in Zalakaros

Between the towns of Zalakarosh and Galambok lies the Behiak steppe – there is a zoo and a riding school. You can take a walk to the steppe chapel, which is located in the buffalo reserve and belongs to the Balaton National Park. In addition, many historical sights are located in the city of Zala (20 km from Zalakaros).

So that tourists relaxed by the waters do not get bored, a series of events are held annually at the resort, in particular: the St. Orban wine festival, Karosh wine days, historical archery competitions.

Margit Island

Margaret Island is located in the middle of the Danube in the very center of Budapest between the Margaret and Arpad bridges. The length of the island is 2.5 km, and the maximum width is 500 m. Margaret is a nature reserve with a wonderful arboretum park, a real oasis of silence, tranquility and tranquility with a special microclimate and clean air, surprisingly preserved in the heart of the Hungarian capital.

Margit Island hotels

The island hosts two high-class hotels, which are a single complex with a modern balneological and medical center equipped with the latest equipment.

Those who are going to receive medical treatment on Margate should take with them the conclusion of the doctors and the results of the tests. The recommended duration of treatment is at least three weeks.

Treatment on Margaret Island

There are three thermal springs with healing mineral water on Marghita, which local specialists successfully use to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, metabolic disorders, diseases of the nervous system, respiratory diseases, some chronic gynecological diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as for general strengthening health procedures.

Procedures: massages, electrotherapy (galvanization, ultrasound and diathermy, iontophoresis, selective irritating current, treatment with electromagnetic waves), interference, infrared and ultraviolet irradiation, solarium, hydrotherapy (underwater massage and stretching, carbonic baths, galvanic four-section baths), mud therapy, therapeutic physical education, swimming, acupuncture. Contraindications: active form of tuberculosis, malignant tumors, heart failure, thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, anemia (anemia), leukemia, bronchial asthma, epilepsy, thyroid hyperthyroidism, infectious diseases, pregnancy.

Entertainment and attractions of Margaret Island

Parks, an alpine slide, a rose garden, fountains, tennis courts, sports and amateur pools (there is also a “paddling pool” with water slides for children). Descending from the Arpad bridge, you can sunbathe on Palatinus beach and take a walk in the Japanese garden, next to which there is a summer theater where theater festivals are held annually, visit numerous restaurants, cafes and dance floors.

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