Comparison of Screens Outdoors: Galaxy SII Vs. Galaxy Note Vs. Galaxy Nexus Vs. HTC Evo 3D [In Video]

We have already seen in Xataka Android some similar comparisons, in which can be measured in video How are the screens of multiple devices. However, we had not seen any comparative outdoors, so the video that we bring you today undoubtedly will be useful.

In the comparative small video We can see from various angles and several points of view how they work outdoors, with exposure to the Sun and the shadows, the screens of several of the top devices that exist today in the market.

As you can see in the video, the device more reflects the Sun is the HTC Evo 3D, that on more than one occasion does not allow to recognize the image on screen.

On the other hand, Galaxy SII y Galaxy Note They show very similar results, with good clarity even in full sun, although in some cases and in some angles the image is not displayed clearly.

As the own broadcaster says, the winner in this case is the Galaxy Nexus, and we can see in certain moments of the trial, as when moved towards the back of the device, in a small instant image shown in the Galaxy Nexus with a nicely contrasting black-and-white with respect to other smartphones.

Obviously, excessive differences not shown between the three devices of signature Korean, since all three share technology SuperAMOLED. Even so, better calibration of colors of Ice Cream Sandwich may have much to do, in addition to the Galaxy Nexus has with a special treatment anti-reflective in its front glass.

We leave you with the video so you can check it for yourselves: