COS (H & M Collection of Style), Collection Autumn-Winter 2010 / 2011

COS (H & M Collection of Style), Collection Autumn-Winter 2010 / 2011

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COS or Collection of Style, the most expensive prêt-à-porter line of H & M, with much more made finishes, higher quality fabrics and shapes and exclusive designs, is the version face one of the most popular commercial brands and higher-income today. The idea to take out a separate collection and that it was not a capsule collection, because as you’ll see rather more than 20 pieces compose it (limit of items that tend to have this type of collections) responds to the need to take more exclusive items, with more machined finishes, classic cuts and an option to those who wish to acquire , of a brand like H & M, a completely unique design.

We will see in the garments of the collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 one by one, at least in its most representative designs, but in a nutshell we can say that you it’s a collection with cuts overly symmetrical, Oriental touches in the courts (especially in the necks) and a monochromatic Sometimes a much heavy makes.

Lapel jackets with triple button, of synthetic materials and mat patch pockets. The cuts are symmetrical in all its glory to stylize the figure and reduce the length of the part to achieve this end.

Mao collars to plush corduroy for jackets, in which even the accessories for all remain the same color as the set…

… Although it opts for light colors by more plastic cuts, straight necks, French and ultimately pockets and even if not seems it, intent to informalize the garment in which the responsibility of this would fall on those who decide to put under the Blazer or trousers.

The cardigan are committed by the multiple buttons, smooth, without just decoration, more curved cuts in armholes and sleeves…

… Although sometimes prefer to choose by fluffy and hot designs boat neck, point and dark blue colors (remember sometimes sweaters and cardigans of Fred Perry line).

We continue to see quilts in the collection, in its normal version within the vests…

… or garments that, to break a little with the tone of the collection, which tends to the reduction of spaces, is committed by the oversize.

Finally, the line of plug-ins It also points to the austerity and the monochromatism. Shoes ash tip of patent leather, boots, scarves in color and white and black belts from close buckle. A minimalist collection any where but, from my point of view, winter and too cold.

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