Galaxy Nexus Receives The Kernel Trinity That Allows Overclocking and Improve Battery

Galaxy Nexus Receives The Kernel Trinity That Allows Overclocking and Improve Battery

April 5, 2017 Mobile and Phone 0

Good that Google launched its Nexus Terminal is that they are called as a standard of the way that want to carry around with Android. It did it with the Nexus One demonstrating that considerable power terminals could be made and that people can take advantage of it. With the Nexus S to show you that everything can be improved, in addition to the capacity of the NFC, giving him a boost than in United States is it is taking more than expected, although without being a general rule.

Now turn to the Galaxy Nexus, which is demonstrating that there are no barriers to the power and innovative ideas such as virtual buttons. All this with the advantage that the terminals are easily modifiable, making them a perfect terminals both for the development of apps as the new ROMs that cooks take for different users. And it is now interesting improvements are drawing.

As it has become normal, ROMs developers have been applying various improvements to software to improve the capabilities of the terminals. This time the Galaxy Nexus shows that you can be in good shape with the news that brings new kernel Trinity. This kernel has the great ability to take more processing processors, being the ED of the Galaxy Nexus arriving at 1. 35GHz 1.6 GHz.

But not everything is power when a new kernel, since one of the goals of the developers is the of achieve significant energy savings for some batteries that sadly for reasons of profitability cannot be much more than, making the terminal lower the power of the processor when it is in sleep mode. Certainly a great news that will like the holders of a Galaxy Nexus that want to get the maximum juice