Galaxy Note Vs Optimus Vu: Tabletofonos Face to Face

Galaxy Note Vs Optimus Vu: Tabletofonos Face to Face

April 18, 2017 Mobile and Phone 0

A few days ago I showed the new LG Optimus Vu, through a promotional video released in Korea. A tabletofono coming to compete directly with the Galaxy Note. Today has released this image that you see in a blog Korean, which called on both to be compared.

The main feature that highlights both is size. While the Galaxy Note may be larger, 5.3 inches front Optimus Vu 5, must take into account the proportions, which are very different. The Vu will come with a unusual-4:3, quite wide at 16:10 of the Note, so the Note is 20% more elongated (which no longer).

In terms of the resolution, we have 1280 × 800 HD SuperAMOLED note front 1024 × 768 panel IPS of the Vu. Resulting in a density of pixels per inch on a 25% higher in the Note, It also has one greater surface display, despite being a few millimeters more narrow, 83 against about 90.

In the technical section are a S3 Snapdragon processor dual-core 1.5 GHz, 1 GB RAM and 8MP camera, of the Optimus Vu against other dual core 1.4 GHz and also 1 GB of RAM and 8MP camera, so walk closely matched in specifications.

Ultimately, the Samsung Terminal looks a bit more manageable, Despite being larger, within the dimensions that are around, aside from one higher resolution with some better colors and best black that provides Super Amoled. There is still to do if LG terminal appears by Europe, but if so, would come out with a high-end performance from the middle of last year, or at least as the paragraph technical concerns.