Google and Samsung Could Be Cooking a Galaxy Nexus Hardware Update

New rumors They hover over the last terminal of Google, and it is that you as we know that Samsung loves to do multiple redesigns of their creations, everyone is alert to every detail around the Korean giant.

First saw the arrival of the Galaxy Nexus in a new white color, and now some data extracted from a benchmark it seems that we could be faced with an the device hardware update, Since that test shows higher performance than usual in this smartphone.

The test has been carried out with NenaMark, a utility to test the performance of the graphical part of Android devices, and it is clear that the Galaxy used Nexus has a New and more powerful GPU PowerVR SGX544.

It should be recalled that the Galaxy Nexus in your birth has a processor Texas Instruments OMAP 4460, a GPU-assisted PowerVR SGX540, so here could be the explanation for the improvement of performance.

The change of GPU could likewise assume a Update chipset to the Texas Instruments OMAP 4470, which leads us to think that it may be in this case a hardware upgrade, perhaps commissioned by any American operator to launch the device adding LTE.

Speculating more, could also be in the long-awaited version of the device with 32GB of internal memory, It would bring with it an update at the level of hardware platform to the delight of users who are waiting for you.

Whether or not rumors founded, since it is possible to be a false benchmark, would be no strange that a new version is launched the Terminal, especially when he is expected even the arrival of the device in white and with 32GB memory.