Health Insurance for Studying in Spain

A flu, a broken leg and other illnesses or injuries unfortunately don’t stop at students when studying abroad in sunny Spain. Therefore, it is important to provide health insurance to study in Spain well secured to be.

European Health Insurance Card

Since Spain is an EU country according to ehealthfacts, health insurance is uncomplicated, at least for a semester abroad in Spain. There are social security agreements between the EU states, so that students from Germany with statutory health insurance are also insured in Spain. As proof of insurance that serves European Health Insurance Card or European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). It can be found on the back of the insurance card from the German health insurance company. This means that students who fall ill or have an accident during their semester abroad receive the necessary medical care in Spain through the public health system. The German insurance company reimburses the treatment costs.

Reliable health insurance in Spain

In Spain, the European health insurance card only covers those services that are also paid for by the statutory health insurers there. Unlike in Germany, this does not include visits to the dentist, for example. Medical treatments by private service providers are also non-refundable, as is, for example, repatriation transport from Spain to Germany.

In order to provide in the event that treatment costs arise that cannot be reimbursed through the EHIC, it is advisable to also take out private international health insurance.

The duration of the planned study abroad may also make it necessary to take out private health insurance for studying in Spain. Students who want to do their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Spain, for example, may not be insured with the EHIC for the entire time. In this case, an alternative to foreign health insurance can be insurance with a Spanish health insurance company. However, some of these offer fewer benefits than German insurance companies.

For insured by law students it is advisable at their insurer about the needs for adequate health insurance to study in Spain to inform. Students with private insurance should also contact their insurance company for information. You should find out to what extent the insurance cover also applies to studying abroad in Spain and whether additional insurance is required.

Services Offered by Universities in Spain

Looking for accommodation, questions about studies and leisure activities or homesickness? Need advice on career issues or are you interested in a student mentor who makes it easier to settle in at the new university? With all this and more, Spanish universities can help their students and support them outside of teaching. Various services from universities in Spain ensure that students are well looked after. The availability of the individual services varies depending on the university.

International Office

The International Office (Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales) is an important institution for international students. The staff take care of the needs of students from abroad. Students can get help with administrative processes for their stay in Spain in general or studying at the Spanish university in particular. Often the students enroll in their courses through the International Office. In addition, they often have the opportunity to find out about the various other services offered by the university. Depending on the university, the International Office also holds an orientation event for new students from all over the world at the beginning of the semester.

Advisory services for students in Spain

The services offered by universities in Spain can include different advisory services. For example, if you have difficulties in your studies, for example with regard to time management, you can take advantage of academic advice depending on the university. In this way, problems in the course can be addressed and resolved in good time.

In order to prepare students for a career beyond the specialist knowledge imparted during their studies, there is a career service at some Spanish universities. Institutions like these should make it easier for students to get started in the professional world by offering information, training courses or internship and job exchanges.

Another service offered at Spanish universities is psychological counseling. Here students get help with all kinds of worries that affect their studies or private life.

Other services at Spanish universities

Depending on the university, various other services can be aimed at students in Spain:

  • Information: Provides information on different areas of everyday university life, such as specialist and language courses, study financing, activities on campus or all of the university’s services.
  • Accommodation service: helps students in Spain find suitable accommodation.
  • Buddy program: International students receive a student mentor on request who helps them to find their way around the Spanish university and to settle in.
  • IT Service: Some universities offer students support with problems with their PC.
  • Support offers for students with disabilities: These cover various areas of student life and are intended to prevent disadvantages in studying due to disabilities.
  • Health center: Students can use various health services on campus.
  • Campus day care center: Day care centers on campus make studying with children easier.

Health Insurance for Studying in Spain