How to Create Living Cells with an Old HP Printer

How to Create Living Cells with an Old HP Printer

April 23, 2017 Mobile and Phone 0

The science progresses faster than you may think sometimes. Current research results prove that Clemson University. The breakthrough to the bio printer is provide them with an older printer model, namely the HP Deskjet 500 succeeded. He is capable of a normal printer cartridge to place living cells on a slide.

This used the “permeability” of cells. These are the ability of cell membranes, to pass through materials. There are cells where all substances can penetrate the cell walls, as well as those for which only a selective passage is possible. Clemson scientists have exploited this opportunity to University to inject fluorescent particles in the cells. This gives them the chance to be able to observe what goes on inside the cells. An example of the practical application, would be to be able to examine heart muscle cells as the contractions of the heart muscle are triggered then. On the Internet is currently finding a videovery impressively documented the.

This much on technology is not even required. Everything you need should be present in each research laboratory. The cells come from a bio lab, should be pre-processed but under clean-room conditions. To do this, a centrifuge and an ultrasound device are required. Then an older printer adds that the equipment is already complete.

Bio printer – pie in the sky or already reality?

Dr. Delphine Dean describes how did the scientists on this idea. In parallel studies, they have found that the cells then have the temporary permeability of cell walls when they are printed on foil. The permeability remains preserved for a few hours. The scientist stressed that completely new possibilities for the investigation of the Zytoskelletts be. Thus, the networks of proteins are known in biology, located inside the cell. You are responsible for the form stability of the cells. The first recognized Paul Wintrebert in 1931 in his research of oocytes and embryos.

The successes have been published with the bio printer in the “journal for visualize experiments”. These are the currently the only magazine in which verbal information about video documentation be supplemented, according to printerhall. This has the advantage that new knowledge can be spread quickly that still happens in a form, in which even the layman understands what hides behind it.