Indoor Mobile Coverage Can Be Secured with Micro-Antenna

Indoor Mobile Coverage Can Be Secured with Micro-Antenna

June 20, 2016 Makeup and Manicure 0

Small antenna-dots from Ericsson can ensure good mobile coverage in buildings, where indoor coverage is poor.

Contemporary buildings increasingly include glass, concrete and steel which often prevents, or at best, reduces mobile coverage, inside the building. Private residences as well as companies plagued by these problems.

Network manufacturer Ericsson has published a small mobile antenna no bigger than it may be located in a hand that can be set up inside the buildings, where there is coverage problems for mobile networks.

The development has taken two years, and in the context of development work is recorded 14 new patents.

Antenna system called Radio Dot System.

That can be set up several “dots” inside a building, and the devices associated with the use of common LAN-cables. The wires from all the building’s dots ends in a main base.

It is very expensive for telecommunications companies to set up cell towers outdoor, to give good coverage indoors, as Ericsson’s dot-system can be a small revolution, since it can easily be set up in Central buildings, where many people move.

There are no published prices, just as it also is unclear whether private dwellings in the shorter or longer term, can benefit from it.

You can read more about Radio Dot System at our website.