iPhone 5S and 5 C-Here You Can Buy Them in Denmark

iPhone 5S and 5 C-Here You Can Buy Them in Denmark

June 6, 2016 Mobile and Phone 0

The first Danish dealers now have iPhone 5S and 5 c in stock. View prices here.

Apple has not yet published the official prices for the two new iPhone models, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 c, but as in the past years, so are some independent mobile dealers, ready with the first awards on the new products.

Prices are starting prices, there is always something higher than products typically lands on when put officially on sale. So far, prices are somewhat different to the speculation, which has previously been out.

Since our site started the sale of iPhone 5 last years was priced at 6,059 dollars for 16 GB version, but this was also cheaper, since the product officially came to Denmark.

Here you can buy iPhone 5S and 5 c

Proshop today iPhone 5S to 7,984 dollars for 64 GB version, while Goblue.dk will have 7,980 crowns for 5S 16 GB.

Several other dealers advertise with iPhone 5S and 5 c, among other things, Goblue.dk, Salgsbutikken.dk and Webhallen.com.

Check out the price before you buy

As you can see, the prices are very different.

At the time of writing costs iPhone 5S according to price the portal Mobilpriser.dk between 7,997 crowns without subscription for the 16 GB version, and the 64 GB version is the cheapest right now priced to 8,693 dollars without subscription. You will find the list of prices on iPhone 5S on our site.

The so-called “cheap” iPhone 5 c costs currently, according to Mobile prices, from 5,498 dollars without subscription for the 16 GB version and 5,500 dollars for the cheapest 32 GB version.

Prices depend on right now among other things by color selection. However, iPhone 5 c to 4,999 kroner (regardless of color) for the 16 GB version at our site.