IWC Creates Technology that Transforms Mechanical Watches in Smart

Watches are traditional pieces long ago. The object challenged the intelligence of many developers with the complexity of your operation, charging study and knowledge to the creation of an increasingly precise mechanics.

And now, with the emergence of smartwatches, many wonder how long this traditional self-sustaining.

Are two sides of the same universe fighting over a space that cannot be shared.

But, will it?

The traditional Swiss luxury brand IWC seems to think different-Yes, tradition and technology can unite. Why not?

Proving that thought, they developed the “IWC Connect”, a device that attaches to the wrist strap and connect the mechanical clock to other digital devices.

Thus, the traditional mechanical part without the obsolescence of the lack of connectivity.

According to the website of the brand, “the idea behind this innovation is to allow users of the IWC your control environment directly connected to your wrist while keeping the integrity of a mechanical watch is handcrafted.”

The initial proposal is to use this device in sports pieces. The first watch to receive the technology will be the Big Pilot.

Now we need to see if users will accept well the look of the device in bracelet. We cannot deny that, in a way, he reminds us that watch former suspect design.

Information about the launch of the IWC Connect have not yet been made available. But we wait.