Make ROOT to The Terminal Could Be Declared Illegal in The U.S.

When a person who really wants to squeeze a terminal receives a phone or new tablet in their hands will be one of the first things you will do in the vast majority of cases the of get the ROOT access to have a full access to the device. This action allows us to eliminate unwanted on our terminals or do tetherin without the operator US forces at a special rate, among many other options.

However, to companies it doesn’t like much that users have total freedom when it comes to remove restrictions on their terminals, alleging they violate the legislation in the country. In Spain the most that we could do if ROOT is revoke us warranty, something that is fairly manageable, but on the other side of the Atlantic, it could have far worse consequences.

The companies allege that both make ROOT to Android devices as devices jailbreak iOS violates section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). With this Act of by means manufacturers could report users specifying the modification of the software may violate intellectual property rights and some patents as it is normal in this country.

This news has not gone exactly unnoticed and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a foundation with a lot of respect between defender of freedom of the software technology of the United States and strong community, has initiated a campaign to request the cancellation of this section to protect the user against a practice that look like you look, is abusive with consumers.