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Abbreviated as NH by ABBREVIATIONFINDER, New Hampshire is a state in the northeastern United States, which was part of the thirteen colonies. New Hampshire became the 9th state to join the union June 21, 1788 after South Carolina on May 23, 1788 and before Virginia on June 25, 1788. The state borders Massachusetts to the south, Vermont to the west, Maine and the Atlantic to the east, and the Canadian the province of Quebec in the north. The state was named after the county of Hampshire in the South East of England. New Hampshire is the 5th smallest and the 9th least populous of the 50 states in the United States. The capital is Concord and the largest city is Manchester.


New Hampshire was colonized by the English in the early 17th century, and was named after the English county of Hampshire (“New Hampshire”). After the American Revolution and the founding of the United States, New Hampshire became the ninth state to join the Union, which took place on June 21, 1788. It is usually called the Granite State partly due to the extensive granite mining that previously took place there (today of relatively limited importance), partly due to the state’s strong connection to traditions. In New Hampshire, there are no direct income taxes and the state’s motto is Live free or die.

Since 1952, New Hampshire has been famous for having the US primary election cycle before the presidential election.


New Hampshire has a certain neoliberal political image, which is expressed in the state’s motto, Live free or die. Another expression of this libertarianism is the organization Free State Project (FSP), which aims to get as many “freedom-loving” people as possible to move to one and the same state, in order to influence the state’s policy in that direction. they want. According to the organization’s information website. The FSP is “an agreement among 20,000 freedom activists to move to New Hampshire, where they will make the greatest possible practical effort to create a society in which the state’s maximum role is to protect human life, liberty and property.” Around FSP and its members, a number of adjacent businesses have started up. For example, for several years now, a daily radio program called Free Talk Live (FTL) has been running, which not only broadcasts in New Hampshire but also on a large number of radio stations around the United States and via the Internet. Other examples of political activity among FSP members are regular manifestations of civil disobedience, mainly in the town of Keene where this type of activist has sought refuge [ 4]. New Hampshire is probably the state in New England where the Republicans and the Libertarian Party have the strongest support.

In primary elections before presidential elections, New Hampshire is often the first of all states to host these elections. The state law requires the Secretary of State for New Hampshire to schedule primary elections at least one week before similar elections in other states. In recent years, however, Iowa starts before New Hampshire, this by Iowa conducting caucus and not primary elections.

In the villages of Dixville Notch ( Coos County ) and Hart’s Location ( Carroll County ), polling stations open at midnight on the day of the presidential election. As it is allowed to publish the results of a constituency as soon as all registered voters have voted, often these villages are first out with the results of the election, already in the morning newspaper on election day.


The state is located in the far north of the northeastern part of the union, New England. The 186 km long Merrimack River divides the state in two from north to south and the more than 650 km long Connecticut River is the border river to Vermont. The border between New Hampshire and Vermont runs where the river has its lowest water level on the Vermont side. The river thus belongs at this border in its entirety to New Hampshire and you do not have the border as usual in the middle of the river. The state has the shortest sea coast of any coastal state in the United States, only 29 km.

In New Hampshire, there used to be a famous rock formation called the Old Man of the Mountain, which resembled a face profile. However, the formation that was an icon for the entire state collapsed in May 2003.

The White Mountains in the central northern part of the state include the highest mountain peak in the northeastern United States, Mount Washington. The state’s nickname is “Granite State”.

In the autumn, many tourists come to look at the nature of the state.

Largest cities

  • CountryAAH: Offers a full list of cities and towns in New Hampshire, together with postal codes for each of them, and including capital city of New Hampshire.

The Ten Largest Cities in New Hampshire (2010).

  • Manchester – 108 874
  • Nashua – 86 837
  • Concord – 42 392
  • Derry – 33,995
  • Rochester – 30,527
  • Salem – 29 498
  • Dover – 28,775
  • Merrimack – 26,558
  • Londonderry – 24 975
  • Hudson – 24,775


New Hampshire is a state with a relatively high average income per capita. It is about $ 33,300, which puts the state in sixth place in the union. The state’s residents have their main income from the manufacture of machinery, electrical equipment and rubber and plastic products. Agriculture and tourism are also important for the state. Since the state has no tax revenue from income tax, it has become a popular area of ​​residence for commuters, especially to Massachusetts. Taxed, on the other hand, is private property.


The state is one of about forty states that have reintroduced the death penalty since it was re-established as constitutional in 1976 and is currently the only one in New England to have the sentence, although no execution has been carried out since 1939.


New Hampshire is home to, among others, Dartmouth College, an Ivy League university located in Hanover. Other colleges and universities include the University of New Hampshire and the University of New Hampshire at Manchester.


The state flower is the purple lilac and its trees glass of birch Betula pubescens.

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