New Module of 8 to 20 for Professionals of Euskaltel

New Module of 8 to 20 for Professionals of Euskaltel

April 1, 2018 Mobile and Phone 0

Self-employed workers and businesses in the OMV Euskaltel You can now hire the new saving of 8-20 module that is additional to any fees that customer may have contracted and that it shall continue to apply the hours of leisure.

This new module is born in response to similar tariffs that already offer Movistar and Orange and lets talk by 0 cents per minute with any national destination between 8 am and 8 pm Monday to Friday only paying the 15 cents call set-up.

Recruitment should be requested prior to December 31, is limited to a up to 500 minutes free a month, has a fee of 12 EUR/month and a mandatory stay with module during 18 months.

It seems that small operators intend to continue offering the same as the traditional ones but in this case there is no much difference and can that the Basque OMV has very little adjusted prices since the offer of competition may prove more interesting to certain client profiles.