Pearl Belt: of 50 Models and DIY with Step By Step!

You know that detail that can make all the difference in look? An example of this is the pearl belt. The accessory with the beads in pearl style gives an extra charm to a belt that could pass unnoticed, but that in this model is only able to aggregate style to look.

And be in the most different proposals to wear pearl belt-to dress, over the blouse, to value the feast look, among others – the belt works very well!

Pearl Belt 1

And if you are looking for models of belts with pearls, we have several inspirations from models and tutorials with step by step for those who want to put their ideas into practice and create their own belt.

Photos and models of pearl belt in looks

with ribbon/lace

The Pearl belt models with ribbons and ties are beautiful choices and bring a mix of delicacy and charm to the accessory!

In this idea, the belt was made with pearls a little larger and the style intertwined with three layers.

To close the belt, the bet was on the satin ribbon, which can be tied and gives an even more beautiful touch for the accessory!

Another idea to use the satin ribbon on the Pearl belt is this proposal, in which the Ribbon is the base for the belt.

In the model, the pearls were glued on the belt and besides the lace formed to tie in the back, the model still counts with a small bow that decorates the front and center of the accessory.

and to finish item decoration, the small decorative lace has a shaped flower of mini pearls.

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with rhinestones

The rhinestone belt mix with pearls is a perfect bet for those who want to bring more shine to the accessory, and thus highlight the look, especially in a proposal of nocturnal look.

In the model, the belt was made on a base of satin ribbon, and the tiny pearls were embroidered in the style zigzag zigzag.

The rhinestone tapes have been glued between the pearls and the result is very delicate on account of small pearls and rhinestones.

For those who are seeking inspiration from how to wear dress with pearl belts, this proposal shows very well how the accessory is able to value the look.

The belt model used is a version with large pearls interspersed with great rhinestone points.

And the result is super charming, since the belt adds a touch of brightness to look and leaves the dress even prettier.

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With Buckle

There are several closing options for the Pearl Belt, and one of the options is to follow the traditional style to close belts, which are the buckles.

And for those who intend to use a more traditional buckle, it can be inspired by this option of pearl belt with metal buckle.

The belt has been all worked on interlaced pearls and in some spots pearl circles give a charm to the item.

For those seeking a more delicate version and want to flee from the traditional simple buckle, you can choose another buckle model, such as this version that is a bow.

Pearl Belt 2

For the formation of the belt, the bet was for making a skinny model of laced pearls.

The buckle decorated in rhinestone and lace format was the bet to end the accessory and add a more delicate detail to the item.

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The interlaced models are very usual versions for the Pearl belt. The technique consists of the type of sewing that binds the pearls that are interspersed with each other.

In this model of laced pearl belt, the bet was for wearing white and blue pearls, and so give a touch of color to the accessory.

To conclude, the closure of the belt was made with a different buckle and with rhinestone points, which give the item brightness.

There are several models and styles of laced pearl belts and the proposal here was to make a belt more larguinho, but that is delicate on the beaded mini pearls that are part of the item.

The model has larger pearls in the center, and the mini-laced pearls decorate the outer parts of the belt, bringing a mix of large and small pearls into the same accessory.

The result is super beautiful and flees from the traditional!

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With current

There are no boundaries when the subject is creating, and if you are creating a pearl belt, you can harness the idea and make a mix of pearls and chains, after all is nothing unusual the chains as part of the belt.

In this proposal, the idea was to use golden chain at the end of the belt, such as a clasp that allows the belt to be used in various sizes and with the addition of the current in the final part, giving a golden touch to the belt.

If the idea is to flee from the traditional models of pearl belt, the idea here is a very different and beautiful proposition, and it works from a dress, to a look for ballad.

The belt was decorated with ash platelets and in the central part, the decoration was made with pearls and golden chain.

This mix of details is beautiful and leaves the perfect accessory for different proposals of looks!

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How to make easy step-by-step pearl Belt

If you want easy ideas to create belts, and even take advantage of the inspiration to give an increment to look, or change a little bit that dress you’ve worn at various parties, we have a few DIYs for you to learn how to make a step-by-step pearl belt.


With Nylon

With elastic


Pearl Belt 3

Separate different sizes of pearls;

Use a tissue belt that you already have and go glue, with hot glue, the pearls side by side over the belt;

Paste some overlapping pearls;

Fill the entire belt and free the holes to close and ready.

Measure a black satin ribbon on the waist and leave an extra to tie in the back;

Extend the ribbon on a straight surface and above the use belt make the desired drawing with the pearls (in this case, the idea was to use half a pearl with a drop-shaped);

Now use the instant fixation glue to fasten the pearls on the belt, and always following the drawing you have made;

After you paste everything, the belt is finished.

Paste a ribbon of lace on the satin ribbon;

With the help of hot glue, paste the central decoration into the belt;

Go glue the pearls around the center and go forming the desired design;

After gluing the pearls, use rhinestone cords to decorate;

Fill in the small free spaces with small pearls;

Now it’s just fixing and adding a little more decoration.

With Satin ribbon

Measure the size of the ribbon according to your waist, and leave an extra to tie in the back;

Mark what is the addition, because the stones must not pass that limit;

Go sewing the pearls side by side on the Ribbon and interspersing the sizes to give a differentiated result;

Fill all the space of the ribbon, respecting the addition and ready!

Now that you’ve seen models and styles of pearl belts, you can already think of a look with the accessory, and even take advantage of the DIYs to make your own belt, so it gives you to stay in fashion little spending.