Primark and Its Collection for This Fall-Winter 2010 / 2011

Primark and Its Collection for This Fall-Winter 2010 / 2011

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All Oi when I spoke of Primark: that if was going to come to make competition to Zara, if it was a H & M incipient that soon despegaría, which if grouped the urban style of Pull and Bear with the sophistication of the Mango lines … a lot of qualifiers that today still I do not know very well where finds people because, sorry, the only thing that I find similar is the low-cost that has H & m in some of your clothes. The rest I see it quite similar to what we can find today in any commercial fashion firm to the wholesale.

That doesn’t mean that some of your clothes really worthy, either by its low prices or their striking designs. To give you an idea follows the aesthetic line of Zara and H & M, commitment to include the latest trends to your collection (see the point, the camel, the padding …) and offers a wide variety of accessories and footwear at very affordable prices. The best thing is that we see it in photos, I think.

The first of the looks that we offer is a clear example of what I meant: padded jacket (good looks) in Brown on jersey with ribbed Swan and wood button neck. Combined with beige trousers and shirt cream with velveteen, a curious detail collar.

The pictures also abound in the collection. Tartan style is reflected in the shirts, as it is the case, in which Hunter hats, highlight in blue and lined of synthetic hair, that we will see more and more through the streets on behalf of earmuffs and their ridiculous designs.

Cross in gray raincoats with lock button and belt, with symmetrical cuts and at a very affordable price & #8230;

… either Blazers in shades of dark and grey marengo that I remember much offer that H & M party section. The material as you imaginaréis leaves a little to be desired but for skip to step comes Pearl. The idea of combining it with a cardigan pink gum and gray shirt seems also interesting, and the final result not dislike.

The jacquard still doing his thing, especially in supplements for the winter (see hats, scarves and gloves) and ash jerseys as the photography, in gray with white and black being a very successful Christmas Stamp motifs.

We also find leather jackets and pants leggings synthetic material to recreate the looks more casual, as we find them in dark denim, which propose that we combine & #8230;

…with the Cowboys, in the figure, who tend to be washed and faded being few plain styles that we can find. Most of the cuts are baggies, straight leg and boot cut.

Last and leaving the best for last, the imprint of the military style is reflected in this jacket with shawl collar, in grey and knitted with the side buttons extended in silver and black tones to match one of the berets that offers us the collection if we vary and change of typical hats that abound on these dates.

A collection in which there are things that it is worth saving, especially the warm clothing, and above all which is really sweet due to its so affordable price.