Quadrant for Android Welcomes The CPU Support Multicore and Ice Cream Sandwich Comparing Galaxy SII with Galaxy Nexus

Quadrant for Android Welcomes The CPU Support Multicore and Ice Cream Sandwich Comparing Galaxy SII with Galaxy Nexus

April 12, 2017 Mobile and Phone 0

We have always talked about that the test or benchmarks they do nothing more to show a reference point and does not faithfully reflect the performance in everyday use that can give us a device. This had sharpened still more if it fits with the advent of multi-core processors, since most software to test It was not adapted to this type of hardware and the results were not consistent with reality.

One of the most popular benchmarking programs, Quadrant, He wanted to give a twist in its version 2.0, and now goes to natively support hardware architecture with multicore and Ice Cream Sandwich so its analysis conform as much as possible.

Between the multiple improvements which will include the application includes part of the support for CPU multi-core and Ice Cream Sandwich, interface enhancements user, new translations and resolved issues as the bug known with PowerVR SGX540 and its low framerate.

Note that you due to the profound changes implemented in the software to support the new hardware architectures, is likely that the reference results to differ and do not align with those reported in the 1.x versions. This setback seems to be fixed in the next version, when new reference results are available for different devices.

To celebrate the arrival of the new version, many users have been to work with the comparative, and the guys at Android HD Blog give us first, which is nothing more and nothing less between the heavyweights among the current Android smartphones.

Before commenting on any number, let’s point out that the resolution completely alters the results, so it is evident that Samsung Galaxy SII will get better valuation given its 800 × 480 pixel resolution against the 1280 × 720 pixels of the Galaxy Nexus.

As we see, the Galaxy Nexus riveting practically their reference assessment, with 2058 points got almost to 70% in the performance of your CPU. The Samsung Galaxy SII scale up to the 3627 points, focused predominantly on operations of input and output, and graphics.

Now yes, and despite imbalances by resolution should take into account, if we have a more credible software to obtain reference points performance in benchmarks, so if someone wants to test your smartphone with next-generation hardware, Quadrant becomes a good ally.