RePhone Kit: Smartphone Kit For Hobbyists

RePhone Kit: Smartphone Kit For Hobbyists

April 17, 2017 Mobile and Phone 0

Hobbyists with open-source components can be made an own Smartphone with a modular Kit for $ 39 from manufacturer Seeed.

The Chinese manufacturer of Seeed Studio has this week to kick start a crowd-funding campaign for the cheap Smartphone-Kit RePhone Kit started. Funding goal of $ 50,000 was already reached and substantially exceeded. Currently the RePhone Kit has collected nearly $ 80,000 of more than 1000 supporters.

Low-cost competition for project ARA

According to areacodesexplorer, the Smartphone Kit is based on Google’s modular smartphone project ARA and relies completely on open-source components. The heart of the RePhone Kit make either the core GSM + BLE or the core 3 G module. The latter provides a faster data connection while, however lacks BLE support (Bluetooth low energy).

In addition to the two core modules, eight additional components from Seeed-Xadow product series are available. Below you will find a touch screen with 1.54 inches, boards with NFC, GPS, audio, 5 x 7 LEDs, GSM and sensors as well as an Arduino compatible microcontroller. The modular Mobile powered mAh by a battery with 520. The modules can be attached to a core module with FPC flat cable or solder connections. Seeed offers library support not only for Arduino, but also for Lua and JavaScript. The company also provides an SDK based on Eclipse for C/C++ developers. FOURSQUARE support is also available.

Paper sleeves for painting

Plug the electronics in a suitable cover, Seeed uses paper with the RePhone create Kit power. The durable paper may be washed, sewn and painted. The modules among other things as a bracelet or pendant can be worn with different templates and folding instructions.

The RePhone core module GSM + BLE will cost$ 12. The 3G-Variante is a little more expensive at $ 29. Different base kits beat for Kickstarter supporters with $ 39 to beech. Delivery is to begin depending on the ordered engine already in October 2015. There’s a first look at Germany on the RePhone next weekend on the maker fair Berlin, where Seeed founder Eric Pan will present the Kit. (mho)