Rules for Entering the Maldives

Important information for tourists traveling to the Maldives

Before flying to the Maldives:
∙ from 15/03/2022, the mandatory PCR test for entering the Maldives has been cancelled.

ATTENTION! Some hotels have their own rules and accept tourists only with a negative PCR test, or only vaccinated tourists. Please verify this information before booking.
∙ Tourists arriving in the Maldives must complete an online health declaration. The questionnaire is filled out twice: before arrival (not earlier than 48 hours before entering the Maldives) and before the return flight (not earlier than 48 hours before leaving the Maldives). The questionnaire is completed online for each tourist. After filling out the questionnaire, a QR code will appear on the screen, which you need to print or save on your phone. Pay attention to the validity period of the QR code, it must be valid at the time of passing through passport control.
∙ Link to the Traveler Health Declaration:

∙ it is possible to impose restrictions on entry for tourists from some countries from the “red” zone for Covid-19, incl. for tourists who visited these countries in the last 14 days or transited through such countries. Check this information before booking and before departure.

∙ Citizens of the Russian Federation transiting through Dubai / Doha / Istanbul and not leaving the airport must be guided by the requirements of the country of destination.

∙ In connection with the introduction of restrictions on the use of bank cards issued by Russian banks, we recommend that you carry enough cash with you to pay for expenses in the Maldives. Please note that from 02/03/2022, the export of cash currency and monetary instruments in foreign currency in excess of the equivalent of 10,000 US dollars from the Russian Federation is prohibited.

In the Maldives:
∙ Upon arrival at the airport, tourists are subjected to non-contact thermometry.
∙ To obtain a visa at the Maldives airport, you must present a passport, a confirmed preliminary hotel reservation (voucher), a return ticket.
∙ Tourists entering the Maldives with symptoms of the virus will be tested for COVID-19 (paid by the tourist), and if positive, such tourists will be sent to a 14-day quarantine. The Health Protection Agency (HPA) staff may also perform random PCR tests on arrivals (random selection), such a test is free of charge for the tourist.
∙ In public places (including at the airport and on the transfer) it is necessary to maintain social distance and wear personal protective equipment (masks).
∙ Transfer from hotel to hotel is possible only upon prior request and after obtaining special permission from the Health Protection Agency (HPA), each case is considered individually. Additionally, many hotels require a PCR test when moving from hotel to hotel. Some hotels do not accept tourists moving from other hotels, even if they have a negative test. We recommend that you clarify all the details before booking.
∙ When traveling by seaplane (TMA company):
– luggage is treated with antiseptics
– hand luggage – 3 kg (small handbag / small backpack / laptop bag)
– passengers are issued a sanitary kit containing a mask, gloves and a sanitizer
– during the transfer, passengers are requested to use a mask and disinfect their hands with disinfectants (or use gloves)
– the cabins of seaplanes and buses / cars used to transport passengers from the airport’s international terminal to the seaplane terminal are regularly disinfected

∙ Some hotels require all guests to be tested for Covid-19 upon check-in, with the need to self-isolate in their room until the results are available
∙ Check-in can be done at the Reception with security measures or directly in the room or villa (depending on the hotel). Hotels publish current security measures in leaflets or on a separate TV channel in the room.

∙ Hotels reserve the right to limit or cancel certain services due to the pandemic.
∙ If a tourist develops symptoms of the virus while staying at a hotel in the Maldives, they must inform the hotel staff and take a test for COVID-19. While waiting for the test, the tourist should not leave his room. Upon receiving a negative test result, tourists are allowed to leave the villa, but are limited to the public areas of the resort until the symptoms disappear. Tourists who test positive remain in self-isolation and do not leave their villas. Information about the condition of the tourist is regularly transmitted to the HPA and the Ministry of Tourism, which decide on the transfer of the tourist to a medical facility for treatment.
∙ Food and beverages are served at the hotels in accordance with the safety measures established by the Health Protection Agency (HPA). Tables in restaurants are placed at a safe distance. Many hotels have canceled the buffet, some restaurants may not work every day.
∙ Spa centers are open as usual, with the necessary security measures and by appointment.
∙ Excursions are organized by hotels, mainly various types of boat trips, snorkeling, fishing. Visiting the local islands, the capital Male and other hotels is temporarily prohibited. Tourists with symptoms of the disease will not be allowed to excursions, water sports, diving.

Before departure from the Maldives:
∙ 48 hours before departure from the Maldives, you must complete an online health declaration
∙ if the airline you are traveling with or the country you are flying to after the Maldives, requires a PCR test for COVID-19, you need to inform your hotel in advance. Hotels arrange for the test (additional charge).

After returning to the Russian Federation: In accordance with the Decree of the Chief State Sanitary
Doctor of the Russian Federation, upon returning to the territory of the Russian Federation, Russian citizens must:
Check-in for those arriving in the Russian Federation” before departure to the Russian Federation (when purchasing a ticket, but no later than check-in for the flight);
∙ within three calendar days from the date of arrival on the territory of the Russian Federation, undergo a single laboratory test for COVID-19 using the PCR method and post information about the result of the laboratory test for COVID-19 using the PCR method in EPGU by filling out the form “Providing information about the results of a test for a new coronavirus infection for those arriving in the Russian Federation”;
∙ until a negative COVID-19 test result is obtained, citizens must self-isolate;

∙ If you have been vaccinated against COVID-19 within the last 12 months or if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 6 months, the laboratory test for COVID-19 using the PCR method specified in the previous paragraph is not required. Information about vaccination or past illness must also be placed on the EPGU.
∙ in the event of any deterioration in health within 14 calendar days from the date of arrival on the territory of the Russian Federation, immediately seek medical assistance at the place of residence (stay) without visiting medical organizations.

∙ We recommend that you follow the changes in the rules for those arriving on the territory of the Russian Federation on the official websites of the government bodies of the Russian Federation.

Rules for Entering the Maldives