Samsung Galaxy SII Plus I9150 Appears with Processor 4212 Exynos

Not even half day that we have known the news that Samsung will not teach the next generation of its flagship within 3 weeks during the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2012, when it has already leaked by any network devices of the Korean giant to if they could show at the fair.

It would be another of the innumerable Samsung redesigns, This time to add the tagline Plus its terminal star, which would become in Samsung Galaxy Plus IBS to add the new processor Samsung Exynos 4212.

The new device would be virtually identical to the model that we know, at least in its general specifications, although it would mount the new Samsung, 4212 Exynos chipset, manufactured in technology of 32 nm, with Cortex A9 architecture and a clock speed of 1.5 GHz.

This new chipset would ensure a better performance and one much lower consumption, given the technology of manufacture of 32nm in relation to the 45 nm from the current Exynos 4210. Obviously, and because there’s still nothing confirmed, also might be the Texas Instruments OMAP 4470 chipset.

What we see in the benchmark that it gave rise to the rumor, we observe that the screen resolution remains intact, so it is difficult for there are more changes.

As you might expect, it is not known if it will be a design Manager for a specific operator, or if it is a terminal that is to be distributed by the major markets of Europe, Asia or the United States. What if we have clear is that be surprised if anybody see a device of this type, given a taste for the redesigns of Samsung and that at the Mobile World Congress they will not teach their new ship logo.

Will we see the Galaxy SII Plus at the Mobile World Congress?