Samsung Galaxy SIII Might Not Be Presenting during The MWC

Continuing rumors environment to Samsung Galaxy SIII. If a few days ago we talked about a hypothetical presentation of the terminal on the day prior to the MWC, date that many manufacturers use to make their press conferences, we now speak of others claiming that the Korean company will not present its flagship at the fair in Barcelona.

According to different sources, Samsung would spend the MWC to present the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The reasons for this delay are due to that Koreans don’t want to make the announcement so soon and that the launch in different markets have a significant time lag. In short, they would not want to repeat what is already happened last year with the Galaxy SII.

Perhaps some now wonder Why doesn’t make Samsung a global launch? The answer is somewhat complex. Normally the U.S. market is somewhat unique with mobile phones and in negotiating agreements with various operators, the process is not easy. Just have to see the showcase of United States: multiple variations of the same terminal where often only change the layout.

If it delayed the launch in other markets to coincide with the market would lose many sales and also people quickly lose interest after ads. What we see within a few days at the MWC will come throughout the year. However, manufacturers must manage well the interests of the users so that does not decay and let us not forget what they presented there by February.

In that case, the solution of delay the announcement and try that the required interval between between the United States and the rest of the world is smaller makes sense, from the commercial point of view. For the time being We must not forget that they are only rumors. The sources of the rumors are reliable, on the one hand we have The Verge and secondly to BestBoyz, a website which has successful on more than one occasion with the rumors and alleged leaks.

Anyway, be missing the Samsung Galaxy SIII does not mean that Koreans will not be one of the focuses of attention. Many hope a renewal of other devices as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or entry phones. In any case, Xataka Android team will be there at the fair to tell us first-hand and check if the rumors are certain or false.