Singapore Children and School

Education in Singapore

The education of their children is very important to the Singapore government. She spends a lot of money on this. Some parents send their children to class even before school in kindergarten. Sometimes up to three languages ​​are spoken in a kindergarten.

Later the children learn in modern classrooms. One laptop per student goes without saying. Digitization is more advanced in Singapore than it is here. Modern learning methods such as e-learning (electronically supported learning) are part of the lesson. 92 out of 100 children in Singapore attend secondary schools.

Education: good in international comparison

In contrast to other countries in Southeast Asia, where many children only attend primary school, if at all, attending a secondary school in Singapore is a matter of course. The number of people who cannot write and read is very low.

Thus Singapore does very well not only in Southeast Asia, but also in an international comparison. For example, a 2009 PISA study rated the reading literacy of Singaporeans as fifth best in the world after Shanghai, South Korea, Finland and Hong Kong.

How does the school system work?

In Singapore, children have to go to school from the age of six. There they are taught in English from the start, regardless of what the children speak at home. Similar to ours, there is primary school and then secondary school. In Singapore this is called Primary and Secondary School. When you have completed secondary school, you can decide for yourself whether you want to prepare for a subsequent degree at junior college or whether you want to finish school and do an apprenticeship, for example.

Measure an airport instead of doing math

A day like this at school can be pretty boring. Not only German children think so, but also those in Singapore. That is why new teaching methods have been developed here that should interest the children in a subject and also show them what they are actually learning all the methods and rules for.

For example, a school in Singapore simply took the children out of math class. You were taken to the airport, armed with a ruler and rope, and then asked to measure the airport yourself. The children independently developed different and creative methods. Maybe learning math is really more fun this way?

Eating in Singapore

There is almost every dish in Singapore

When talking about Singapore’s cuisine, the following keyword often comes up: variety! There are not only all variations of Asian cuisine to try, but also specialties from countries from Europe to Australia. The best way to enjoy the many sides of Singaporean cuisine is in one of the many hawker centers. These are several small cookshops and stalls, each of which sells a wide variety of dishes. Fortunately, the portions aren’t too big, because they allow you to taste more!

Nasi Lemak

One example out of hundreds of foods to buy in Singapore is nasi lemak. The dish originally comes from Malaysia and came to Singapore with many others. Nasi Lemak is sticky rice cooked in coconut milk. It is traditionally wrapped in a banana leaf and, when eaten, is often supplemented with sardines and a good portion of chili.

Expensive city – cheap food!

As a country located in Asia according to travelationary, Singapore is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, this does not apply to food! For a few Singapore dollars you can get full here. Fortunately, because the dishes in Singapore are far too delicious to be without them. The alcohol is expensive, however, because it is very highly taxed in Singapore. Of course you can also spend a lot on food, because there are also quite a few expensive star restaurants.

Singapore Children