Splashing In The Right Light With Matching Pool Lighting

Splashing In The Right Light With Matching Pool Lighting

May 28, 2016 For the Home 0

Pool lighting is a complex issue with hundreds models, manufacturers and many self-proclaimed experts. Around the house are pool into a shimmering waterscape to transform the plain, white according to the personal preference or is variegated, we give an overview of the current models of the pool lights and what criteria you can choose.

What kinds of pool lights are there?

Built-pool lights

This form of pool lights is also recognized directly in the planning of the pool and in specific niches installed. There are lamps from environmental influences largely protected and are supplied from outside of the pool via a cable.

Immersion Pool Lights

Especially popular for the retrofitting of pool lights are suspended lights mentioned on http://www.remzfamily.com/ceiling-lights-and-floor-lamps-wholesale.html. They are – as the name suggests – hooked into the pool and are indeed possibly less decorative than recessed lights, but also much less expensive to build in. Caution! In winter, these lights must be removed from the pool, as they do not normally are winterized.

Pool lighting without cable

To install pool lighting holds many dangers, since it meets current water and placed on errors of lives at risk. These problems are passé with a wireless pool lighting: It is in the form of easy suspended floating elements in water and supplies in the best case, even through solar panels. Other models work with battery or battery power. In any case, should here particularly on the quality of products are respected.

Not every pool lighting is suitable for every pool. So the pool lighting will look in a steel wall pool unlike in a concrete tank and when it is scheduled to direct the construction of the pool, there are other options available as when subsequently built-up pool lighting.

Pool lighting for steel wall pool

Can steel wall pool just when detached are quickly and easily subsequently also provided with lighting elements. Particularly suitable for this purpose is Suspended luminaires, which are attached to the rim of the basin. Depending on the model may come the variant magnetic Pool lamps which will be fixed easily without drilling on the pool wall.

Pool lights for concrete pools

In concrete pools niches for pool lighting are often already included in the plans, so here recessed lights are meaningful. Subsequently however, these pools can Suspended lights or free-floating, wireless Pool lamps are provided.

Which IP class for pool lighting?

To protect themselves against unpleasant surprises, you should the quality of the products noted. A simple LED lamp has to look at the pool area and not even with the manufacturer waterproof, but very cheap models should skepticism are capitalized. It is important to IP protection class of at least IP68 and the absolute water and chlorine vapor resistance to eighth. Then, when the pool lights are more airtight, the model can be used carelessly. Installation should be of a in many cases but nevertheless skilled are carried out!

LED lighting in the pool

Also in the area of the pool lighting applies: LED technology has changed the market strong. While one standard several years ago with halogen lamps work that the during continuous operation heated water and some need of maintenance, have LED pool lights almost been enforced. You not only need less energy, but also shine more, have a longer life -which is especially for difficult to access underwater torches a great advantage – and give hardly any heat from, so that the water temperature is not affected by them. Another nice side effect is that they can be controlled via remote control easily and in different colors are available. So you can make a couple deep red glow of the pool to a garden party in bright green and romantic evening. What more do you want?