Study Adult Education Abroad

You never stop learning – according to this premise, millions of Germans take further training every year at adult education centers, family education centers and other educational institutions. The offer there is huge and ranges from Arabic courses to seminars on time management. Anyone who voluntarily goes back to school does not want to kill time in the back row, of course, but also really wants to take new knowledge home with them. Adults learn , however, different as children and adolescents. That is why experts are needed to develop new courses and to process and convey specialist knowledge for adults.

Adult education as a subject

The know-how for this is imparted by courses from the field of adult education. Students not only learn how to best teach adults. They also acquire business management knowledge that enables them to manage adult education institutions.

Bachelor and Master courses

According to topschoolsoflaw, the most degree programs on adult learning, there is the Master section . They are aimed at graduates of all disciplines and people who are already working in the field of adult education and would like to expand their knowledge. Some of these master’s programs are designed to be extra- occupational and require practical experience . There are also some Bachelor courses offered, for example “Educational Science / Lifelong Learning” or “Media and Education Management”. In addition, there is the possibility of specializing in adult education in a pedagogy course.

Course content

Some of the courses have very different priorities. As a rule, however, the various theories of adult education and the legal principles are taught in all study programs . The students learn how adults learn, what didactic concepts there are and how they process content for adults. The teaching of management skills is also on the program. For example, students learn how to plan educational programs, control the quality of teaching and manage finances. Depending on the content of the course, students can set additional priorities, for example on the subject of “e-learning” or educational research.

Who is suitable for studying adult education?

Prospective students should of course enjoy working with adults. In addition to teaching skills they should bring interest in business and educational issues. Most courses require a good command of English in order to understand the specialist literature, some of which are in English.

Occupational fields

Classic employers of graduates in the field of adult education are:

  • Adult education centers
  • Family education centers
  • Educational academies
  • Professional associations
  • Unions
  • church institutions

Many graduates work directly in the teaching company themselves. As lecturers, they pass on their specialist knowledge from a wide variety of areas, develop teaching materials or develop educational and course concepts. Another professional perspective is the work in the management of educational institutions. Graduates can, for example, develop course programs, plan staffing and organize day-to-day operations. Activities in the areas of financial management and public relations are also possible. After a few years of professional activity, many take on management positions and head a department or an entire educational establishment. If you have a master’s degree , you can also do a doctorate and embark on an academic career .

Study Adult Education

Reasons for a stay abroad during your studies

Studying abroad is recommended for adult education students for several reasons:

  • They get to know other teaching methods and content and thus have the opportunity to sharpen their academic profile .
  • Foreign language skills and intercultural skills , such as the ability to communicate across cultures, are welcome in later professional life.
  • A stay abroad during your studies signals commitment and flexibility to future employers.
  • A stay abroad gives you the chance to broaden your personal horizons and make friendships all over the world.