Study Event Management Abroad

Be it a rock festival or a state visit, a boxing match or an opera ball: For event managers, events like these are not just a leisure time, but everyday work. Your job is to organize large and small events so that they run as smoothly as possible.

Event management – from the idea to the event

Event managers don’t just have to find locations, book artists, win sponsors and do public relations. They are also responsible for the arrival and departure of visitors, the technology, the catering and much more.

Often they work towards a single day or evening for months. It is all the more important that the event goes smoothly and that artists and visitors go home satisfied. If there is no big minus on the organizer’s account, the event manager can book a small success for himself.

Paths to becoming an event manager in Germany

If you find the work of an event manager exciting, you have several options in Germany to get closer to your dream job:

  • a training at a vocational school, business school or private educational institutions, for example, to the event manager / key event manager
  • a dual course of study at a state vocational academy
  • an event management degree at a state or private university

According to topmbadirectory, the option of a master’s degree is primarily available to students who want to specifically qualify for management positions in event management. Here it is partly possible to specialize in individual aspects of event management.

Study event management in Germany

An event management degree in Germany is usually based on two pillars :

  • Project management
  • Press and public relations

Students learn how to plan different types of events and what measures they can take to make an event unique. In addition, business topics such as bookkeeping, marketing and controlling are on the curriculum. The course also includes an introduction to event law. Often there are accompanying courses in foreign languages ​​and soft skills such as rhetoric or time management.

What are the hurdles?

Event management places are in great demand in Germany. Most universities have a selection process in advance with a written test and interviews.

Prospective students should be aware that the job of an event manager has little to do with regular working hours. Event managers often have to work under great time pressure before a planned event . The events often take place on weekends or in the evenings. Applicants should therefore have a high level of commitment, teamwork and flexibility .

Event management abroad

There have been courses in the field of event management abroad for much longer than in Germany. The selection of programs is correspondingly large. Event management is offered as

  • independent course .
  • as a focus within the scope of a hotel or tourism management degree for more professional prospects.
  • in combination with other subjects , such as Sports and Event Management , Events and Leisure Management or Events Management with Arts and Entertainment .

Studying abroad is not a must for aspiring event managers, but it is very attractive. There are major events all over the world. Since the basic principles of event organizations are often transferrable, event managers are open to all locations. Studying abroad can therefore be an important step on the way to international work . What are the options?

Broaden your horizons through a semester abroad

Are you studying event management in Germany and would like to gain an initial insight into the planning and implementation of events in other countries? Then you are well advised to spend a semester or a year abroad. Such a change of perspective often leads to questioning familiar processes and procedures. From this new ideas and suggestions can develop, also for the later bachelor thesis.

Event management as a study abroad

A complete degree abroad in event management is another interesting option. In many bachelor’s programs abroad, students can specialize early on in events such as trade fairs, music or sporting events. During practical phases or smaller projects, you will gain your first professional experience and make valuable contacts .

The lateral entry

Have a bachelor’s degree in a business or humanities subject in your pocket and fancy a job in the event sector? Studying abroad is ideal as a lateral entry into event management .

In countries like Great Britain or Australia , Masters courses are often open to students of all disciplines. Previous knowledge in the respective area is not necessary. It is, for example, quite straightforward to add a master’s degree in international events management to a general Bachelor of Business Administration . In this way, your own chances of starting your career as an event manager can be improved.

Study and after? Perspectives for event managers

Event managers are used wherever larger events have to be organized. This includes sporting events, trade fairs, congresses, concerts, but also private celebrations such as weddings and birthdays. Big and small companies have discovered the importance of events in order to gain attention and increase their popularity with customers.

Possible occupational fields

After completing their studies, many graduates work in event or communication agencies that organize events on behalf of individual companies or private individuals. Other possible employers are concert organizers, cities, cultural offices, congress societies or tour operators. Quite a few graduates set up their own event agency after a few years of professional experience.

Event manager skills

In their work, Event Manager is a comprehensive network of contacts dependent. Foreign language skills and intercultural skills are essential in order to be able to deal with international business partners. With a semester abroad or study abroad you can develop your own language skills and train soft skills such as flexibility, organizational skills and diplomacy.

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